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    Hi, how's it going? Just registered this morning. I was diagnosed with simple schizophrenia when I was 20. I was put on 10mg of Zyprexa and was on it for 8 and a half years until I went on Solian. The Solian isn't as good for anxiety and I've had a few problems with the prolactin levels. But...
  2. N

    It's been a hard week

    What with solian insomnia and having nothing to do, it has been a restless and foggy week. I'm not sure how i got through it but i did. Thanks to the forum for helping as an outlet. Ive still today to get through and i'm panicking slightly now that i'm up and needing something to do. A long day...
  3. N


    New medication that has now started to give me terrible stomach pain, constipation, insomnia. Has anyone tried this? I know it is newly being used for bipolar depression but i was wondering if anyone has had these side effects and if they went.
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    New medication

    Hi All, New here because i want to know if anyone else has this medication because it seems rare, and also to give and receive support as i've been through it and come out the other end. Bipolar 2 - horrible illness, horrible depressions, painful. On the road to recovery now and back at work on...
  5. C

    How Long Does Being Sleepy/Drowsy Last While on Amisulpride?

    Hi. I've been on Amisulpride (solian) for a week. I am sleepy/drowsy all the time. Does this last long?