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  1. E

    A place to socialize and meet others with anxiety

    It would be nice if the community could have large cafes where people with mental illness can meet and socialize and hangout. People who are in similar situations. Wouldn't that facilitate and accelerate recovery? These cafes could be nice places to do homework, maybe even to find your soulmate
  2. K

    I'm having trouble socializing again after a near suicide.

    Hi everyone, This may be a bit of an odd one so I'll try to keep it simple. I'm currently recovering from a near-suicide I had last year in London and am living with family trying to save up to get a place of my own again. At the moment, I feel like I'm back to square one on a lot of progress...
  3. A

    Children and Hearing Voices

    Hello, I am the mother of a 7 year old daughter who has heard voices for several years now. She copes very well for the most part. She is in the advanced programs at school, loves to socialize, read, and dance. She's very sweet, thoughtful, and emotionally intelligent. She has two voices in...
  4. S

    Hi From Shane

    I jumped into the deep end and posted an issue that I had today and got some much needed advice and assurance so thank you firstly to those that helped! Anyway I am Shane, I have clinical depression, borderline personality disorder, social anxiety and anxiety. I am also ugly which doesn't...
  5. A

    Hello, Everyone

    I'm a blogger from FL who loves to read and write. Since I experience a lot of social anxiety, a forum for something I'm familiar with (mental illness ): seemed appropriate to help me socialize more ... Hope you are all having a great day! AllBehindASmile
  6. S


    Hello I'm struggling with my mental health right now. In all honesty I hate myself and this new year is the next step in my path of self improvement. I have cut a lot of negative influence out of my life, as a result I am lonely but I feel it the right thing to do. This place gives me...
  7. A

    Embarassed and awkward

    Hi everyone! I am having this issue where my mind literally goes blank when I have to comment or someone talks to me out of the blue at work. I just don't know what to say. So I just mumble something or say something that makes me look like either a bitch or awkward. I'm even having a problem...
  8. E

    Daughter not living her life.

    I have a daughter who will be 28 in august. She always has been a loner type of person. When she was younger she never really saw the need to socialize with others or allow them to come visit or her visit them. There were some that would reach out to her but she would not act on it and did not...
  9. C

    Depressed after socializing...

    I don't really know what this is classified as so i'm just posting it under anxiety. So i've realized that after hanging out with certain people that i'm not exactly comfortable around, I get in a really depressed and tired feeling mood. I get depressed because of how anxious I was during the...
  10. A

    new to site

    i have social anxiety , adhd im nervous all day every day unleess im at home. i have a partner and 2 children...but at times feel compleatly alone iv had to leave all friends behind through using too many drugs and struggel to meet new people ..i feel like iv forgorten how to have fun some days...
  11. T


    i havent been diagnosed with biopolar but am pretty sure i have it based on past experiences im only 15 lol but after being given respiradrome i can generally control it like i get depressed for a few days but rarely self harm anymore and even when depressed i can still go school i just tend not...