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  1. S

    Redefining the phrase "be yourself"

    I have always heard the phrase "be yourself", especially in the context of dating. Being a 30 year old single virgin has made me wonder what exactly this means, because it seems like my real self is quite off-putting. In the past, I have noticed that I have tried to be agreeable and pretend that...
  2. Midnight.Panda

    How to improve social skills?

    I grew up as a very quiet and shy child. I was very different from other people and got bullied a lot.. I think I just learned to always avoid talking to people. I have gotten a lot better, but I find that I can never keep up conversation even with close friends/family. I just tend to zone out...
  3. R

    Am i manic or just happy?

    Been on mirtazapine for 2 years and added escitalopram few months ago, anyway just noticed I'm socialising more, talking more, lots of energy bursts,drinking and occasional Nights where I don't feel the need to sleep.
  4. C

    Whose your favourite person to spend time with?

    When I was suffering from psychosis I isolated myself and didn't want to see anybody. Now I'm getting better I'm trying to spend more time with people. Who is your favourite person or people you like to spend time with? Mine has to be my son. I love his positivity, optimism, dedication and self...
  5. S

    Keeping my depression a secret

    I was diagnosed with depression and put on medication around a month ago and still haven't told anyone. I've just moved home after finishing university and am finding it really hard to hide from my family, having to hide my medication and take it in secret. I also need to register and go to the...
  6. skinnyamerikano

    Friday nights

    Hey, I'm fairly new to the forum, been suffering from depression and anxiety for most of my life and have been in my worst period of depression since last October. I feel that through therapy and medication I am improving, but there are still times when certain thoughts and emotions can cut...
  7. B

    Very low energy

    My energy levels are often low. It can be very frustrating too be low on energy most of the time. I find it helpful to keep pushing through otherwise I would just isolate myself. I am not on any medication and I have found exercise helpful in the past. I am walking a bit at the moment and I will...
  8. W

    From experience it's best to get your medical advice from a professional

    From experience it's best to get your medical advice from a professional It's best not to confuse internet socialising with medical treatment, get your medical treatment advice from professionals in person. There are great dangers involved with listening to so called experts in chatrooms...
  9. F

    New To This!!

    Hi, like my title says I'm new to this site and have never done anything like this before. I was diagnosed with mild depression last November and have since been taking 20mg of Citalophram which has been working i think!! I lost my Mum very suddenly in January which I feel I dealt with very...
  10. B

    Social Phobia, should we just stay as we are ?

    Hi everyone, I have a few Diagnosis lables, they all play their part in my Social Phobia. I was wondering if having intense Therapy as an inpatient is the right thing for me to do, I am 38 years old now and I have never Socialised from the age of 6 years old, I would always be the kid on their...
  11. F

    How to deal with social situations...especially without alcohol or drugs?

    How to deal with social situations...especially without alcohol or drugs? I am not completely sober, even though I have tried this for periods of time. I have a variety of mental health obsticles I am always trying to get over.. I could have posted this in a more specific forum (like anxiety...
  12. DarknessVisible

    One of my biggest problems; I don't understand people

    Can anyone relate? I honestly don't understand most of humanity. How can lovely people so easily and suddenly turn into arseholes (my apologies if swearing isn't allowed. I did check the forum rules and didn't see anything)? I get the black/white thinking thing I do but people really do seem to...
  13. F


    Sometimes i feel lonely but sometimes/often socialising seems like too much effort .
  14. B

    how do you manage with the practicalities?

    How do u manage your budgets? washing and hygiene Laundry Socialising? they all cost money :-(