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  1. E


    Does anyone know how I can get an online diagnosis for social anxiety???
  2. E

    Should I go to a party?

    So one of my friends is having a party and idk whether or not to go. On the one hand, I really like her and it's her birthday so I feel like I should go. I also like the majority of her friends and would probably have a good time. On the other hand, I would get really nervous about getting there...
  3. L

    Scared to meet people in person

    Is anyone else scared to meet people in person but completely fine talking to them and opening up about personal issues via social media and texting? Making plans well in advance then canceling last minute or never being available and always "busy" to see people in person but will talk to them...
  4. L

    Pathological Lying? Help!

    Hi All I am looking for help/answers on how to approach a reoccurring issue with a loved one. I do not know whether to believe what this person says or not. Things just do not add up at all, every conversation is something different. First this person said to have PTSD due to abuse from an ex...
  5. T

    Social Anxiety is killing me.

    Hi, I'm 18 and having social anxiety since 4yrs.I've went to counsellors and psychiachtrists, but they just know how to waste your time and make money.Meds have too many side effects,so don't want to take them.Currently I've been coping myself, on no meds since 2yrs. I don't meditate, though...
  6. S

    Anxiety/Social Anxiety Depression & work

    Hi. Ive been a sufferer of anxiety depress for over 20 years. Ive struggled to stay in worm but since staying on Sertraline,have managed to stay working at a job for over 3 yrs. Outside of work i am a relcuse i am mentally drained and introverted . Noone understands as at work i am co fident...