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  1. B

    Bad HOCD, Social Anxiety and Delusions (Auditory Hallucinations, Paranoia). Please help if you can.

    I wanted to tell my story. First off, I do believe HOCD is a real thing because I developed normal OCD in my teens, around 12. At first, I just had intrusive thoughts about family and all kinds of things surrounding perfection. Around 15, this girl said she thought I was kinda gay because I...
  2. E

    I wish I could float above my endless thoughts . . need guidance

    I don’t know that I can ever put the thoughts and emotions I have stuck in my head on paper. I don’t know that I can translate the cause of destruction I create from the inside out. The feeling of hate is too simple. It isn’t evil towards another but only myself. Is it shame, embarrassment...
  3. Sammyjames97

    Need help with how to deal with new anxiety

    I used to have social anxiety as a kid and it was real bad by 18 but over time through therapy and pushing myself I was getting better. Sadly I became ill 2 years ago with psycosis and when I started hearing voices I started believing the whole world is full of mind readers. Although my voices...
  4. L

    Conversation with Manager about BPD?

    I am returning to work next week after taking a 6 week long leave due to my mental health decline and a surge of my BPD symptoms. I am trying to figure out how to talk with my manager regarding my leave and whether or not it's time for me to disclose that I have BPD. I have already talked with...
  5. S


    I'm sal and I'm 35, I was diagnosed with PTSD and GAD stemming from Childhood and Adolescence Trauma. My main purpose for joining is to find out how others deal with social situation when you tremble or shake or are just hyper vigilant in public. Its seem although that I'm always like this...
  6. T

    Greetings, new here.

    I came here for something via a google search, and decided to join despite the site going offline for 24 hours soon. I’m 25, Female and live in the States. My diagnosed mental disorders are Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Selective Mutism (a form of social anxiety that’s common in...
  7. K

    I think I'm losing it

    I'm so fucked up I don't know how to think straight anymore. My mom has bpd and I'm scared I might be headed the same way. I started self-harming when I was 13, developed disordered eating and social anxiety later on. I'm 23 now and I can't handle life or work or social relationships. Every...
  8. M

    Hi all

    Hi. I'm 33, I have bipolar disorder (apparently with borderline traits although only just learned this from my medical notes) social anxiety and GAD and some physical conditions too. My husband is disabled (mostly physically but he also suffers from depression and social anxiety and ptsd due to...
  9. A

    social anxiety friend?

    helloo ive had social anxiety for years now and never really spoken to someone with the same issues but thats just what im looking for on here. ive made progress in the last 6 months but now i feel im not progressing as much anymore and yeah i would love to find someone to talk to about this and...
  10. R

    Social anxiety around family

    I had a very weird experience at my dads house a couple of days ago. I have had pretty severe social anxiety for as long as I can remember, even around my own family. My grandmother asked me how/what I’ve been doing, and I completely froze up and was physically unable to answer her. Even with my...
  11. E

    The truth about social anxiety

    “Waiting for your turn to deliver a presentation, you are sweating, your hands are shaking, your face turning pale, you start feeling stomachache as you usually do in stressful situations, looks like you are having panic attack. Your turn has finally come, your heart beats very fast, and as you...
  12. My_Second_Chance

    Effects Of Social Isolation!

    What are the effects of social isolation? Can it damage a person? If so, how and what? What is the impact it can affect the person's family and friends?
  13. S

    New to the forum, could use some help!

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum and I’m really trying to find ways to cope with my social anxiety. I am 18 years old and I have had extreme social anxiety my whole life, but it has gotten consistently worse for the past few years which has also made me depressed. I am enrolled in all...
  14. C

    Can people give me some advice.

    Hi, I have been suffering from quite a lot of problems in the last couple of years, that I will get into later. Just to introduce myself a little, I had a pretty rough childhood, my dad left, my two stepdads were horrid. A couple of years ago I started getting some pretty bad thoughts that I...
  15. qwerty1234

    Afraid I am annoying people

    I have a lot of social anxiety. But it is a little different from the idea of social anxiety. When people don't reply to my emails I feel like I have done something wrong, that I will be scolded, that someone is going to yell at me. In the past, i was afraid I was going to be rejected...
  16. qwerty1234

    I get insecure really easily.

    I learned I have an anxious attachment style, which makes sense. I have been getting good email response from my boss and now I am having to wait for a reply and it makes me anxious. My thought is that I embellished my resume which I showed him and that he is upset about it. My thought is...
  17. mischief

    New Zealand Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction Report

    The New Zealand Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction Report has been published today, 4 December 2018 The Inquiry have made 40 recommendations to the Government under 12 key categories. You can download and read the full report here: He Ara Oranga : Report of the Government...
  18. J

    Social anxiety

    Hi everyone. I came to this forum to meet people who understand what I am going through. I've had social anxiety for years and recently I have started to feel lonely, I find it hard to meet new people so I don't really have any friends.
  19. qwerty1234

    Social anxiety

    I have an extremely nice friend who I am also scared of. I hate hurting people and I told him something which I felt I needed to say but which I now wonder if I shouldn't have said. I can't concentrate because i keep bungling it up.
  20. qwerty1234

    I am too needy

    I email friends several times a day and I didn't accomplish anything today because of it. The anxiety is intense without the hit of social interaction.