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  1. Urban Hermit

    Smoking ... Journey to stop... I'm quitting ! Xx

    I don't know if most people would consider smoking tobacco as a form of SH .. but for me I had stopped smoking for over 10 years and I think part of starting again was as a slow form of SH. But things have changed and I want to live a long life , and a healthy one ...so I've quit smoking ...
  2. S

    fed up of being a pothead

    To start, ive been smoking for 4 years, smoking weed is all i really have to do with my life ive tried college, girlfriends, interests like music and exercise but i just dont care anymore the state of my,mind and family situation right now. i smoke everyday and always alone cos i have no real...
  3. R

    I'm going to lose my cool

    I am really feeling depressed lately and its mainly due to my sister not listening to me by keep smoking weed in the house. I've asked her several times to go outside in the garden and do it, yet she still refuses. I live with my mum but my mum doesn't seem to care and isn't taking authority...
  4. K

    Long Lasting Effects From Cannabis..?

    Hiya, i am a 37 year old male. I have been completely sober from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs for seven years. When i was around 22 years of age i was drinking a lot, taking stimulants and smoking cannabis. I started to get very paranoid and i also got other pyschological problems. I...
  5. J

    Smoking - Anxiety

    Hello, after a 10 year absence, my Generalised Anxiety Disorder has returned twice in the space of the last 10 months. Both of these times are shortly after I had stopped smoking. I got better 6 months ago when I started smoking again. I gave up again in September and it returned almost...
  6. sunset547544

    Nightmares/Quitting Smoking

    I am determined to quit smoking & nicotine again for a long period of time (at least 4 months, maybe even 2 years) for all sorts of different reasons. One of the hardest things I find dealing with is the way it affects my sleep, it seems to be lighter, shorter and feature weird, horrible...
  7. A

    Wife having anxious disorder for the fear of me smoking again

    I used to smoke for some time. It was generally 1-2 cigarette a day. My wife asked me to quit and i havent smoke since last 11 months. But my wife always have this fear that i will start smoking someday and that she will leave me once i start again. I have spoken to her, entrusted her and...
  8. G

    Plz help, chantix & lamictal interactions, feeling insane

    I had my wisdom teeth removed Friday the 7th. I was told by my dr to start taking chantix that same day. I currently take 200mg of lamictal daily. I also quit smoking that same day. So when I was irrationally sad, mad, and depressed for the first five days I brushed it off as quitting smoking...
  9. N

    Completely Differnt Time of Day to take 25ml daily of Abilify

    Hi Folks, I was very shattered yesterday, and having been so very well, taking doses in the afternoon, in that, last night, I just happened to have taken at 8pm just after, and I also slept very very well, so I am trialing me, on a 8pm timeframe, in terms of the holiday, bearing in mind time...
  10. C

    Time to take the giant leap of faith! The big H!

    Can someone give me some serious advice. I've been smoking herion for 6 years the only thing stopping me is losing my daughter
  11. SBRicketts


    I seriously want this but in the hospital they wouldn't give it to me. I suffer with headaches,a numbness,which can only be relieved by smoking and drinking. So what should and can I do...? Keep smoking and drinking or ask for ECT again?
  12. FearOfOnesSelf

    Smoking adds to my depression, but it is my only vice

    I have been thinking about this alot lately. I've been smoking cigs since I was 11, I am 27 now. I know, I know. I know its bad for my health, and every week I am broke because of how much I smoke and the price of the cigs these days. I think it adds on to my depression. Where I live I am...
  13. R

    Back in the dark place

    I have struggled with depression for 14 years, I've done councilling (excuse the bad spelling) I'm currently on 150mg of sertraline per day. Mostly I cope but I've found myself back in a dark place, I have current health issues regarding my spine (2 unsuccessful spinal fusions in the last 3...
  14. B

    I stupidly smoked again.

    This week I wound up smoking a whole pack of cigarettes after a year of quitting. My arms feel warm and fuzzy, my thrust is sore, and I keep getting saliva in my throat yet find it hard to swallow food. My doctor said my tonsils were inflamed from smoking again but I feel incredibly anxious...
  15. G

    Escaping a relapse

    Ok guys hear me out on this I'd really appreciate it. This is kind of an OCD thing. I had recently made it just over two weeks, 15 days without drug or alcohol use and smoking. I took a sub this afternoon and another one a few hours later. I felt so crappy I realized I never wanted to do it...
  16. L

    any hope for me

    so here is my story to help u understand me more, i grew up a normal life good life, except i was into the wrong crowd, drank every weekend from age 12 to 16, also started smoking weed at about 13, once at 14 me and 2 mates smoked a half oz in one sitting.. no wonder im f'd up. anyway at 16 i...
  17. F

    Tobacco smoking, cognition and first episode psychosis: time for a rethink?

    Tobacco smoking, cognition and first episode psychosis: time for a rethink? Written by Marcus Munafo Tobacco smoking, cognition & first episode psychosis: time for a rethink? I am not a smoker but wonder what smokers' experience has been. Did you seem to think better when smoking?
  18. cpuusage

    Coffee, Cigarettes and Meds: What Are the Metabolic Effects?

    Coffee, Cigarettes and Meds: What Are the Metabolic Effects? Coffee, Cigarettes and Meds: What Are the Metabolic Effects? | Psychiatric Times May 01, 2005 | Addiction, Schizoaffective, Schizophrenia By Narsimha R. Pinninti, MD, Rajnish Mago, MD, and Jose De Leon, MD Psychiatric Times May 2005...
  19. M

    Possible marijuana induced psychosis

    Hey guys! So, about 8 months ago, I went into psychosis. I had delusions that I was going to die, that the world was going to end and that I was going to be attacked by demons. It all started on a night that I was smoking marijuana with a friend. It wasn't my first time or anything. In fact, I...
  20. N

    Looking for help/advice

    hello, i need some help with my life.. when i was 12 years old, my parents divorced. before that i was very happy and never had any problems. but after it happened i started feeling insecure and became very quiet. i never felt like going to school, my grades were bad, and i always wanted to play...