1. RainbowHeartz

    please help

    Honestly when someone does this smiley :p what does it mean to you?? I'm serious I want to know your thoughts
  2. Fairy Lucretia


    but the injection must be working cause im calm with it I think that's sarcasm I cant tell sad smiley want to die smiley hate my life smiley whats the point smiley FML smiley
  3. RainbowHeartz

    zoned out :(

    I feel all weird... I feel blank minded I feel like I could stare into space I feel numb and cut off with emotions My facial expressions are weird too non smiley, just blank I feel headachy I feel spaced out I loose myself like I wake up and think ah that's what I'm doing I forget myself I...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    I dont feel happy

    or cheerful ,or sweet ,or bubbly or cute but that's my persona so I guess that's how I have to be I feel like :low: :mad: and there isn't another smiley to describe how I feel
  5. bobshocker

    Ok, So I'm in the Office

    And I had to attend a virtual presentation with about 20 others. I dialed in and clicked on the meeting link, and somehow I was given access to annotate the presentation. The speaker was droning on and waxing lyrical in his webcast, then all of a sudden these smiley faces started appearing on...
  6. M


    Hello I drink too much. I drank 7pints of strong beer last night (I think). Its bad for my health. I love the smiley things. :drool:
  7. D

    Lithium shakes

    Hi guys - any idea of how to minimize the shakes you get from Lithium. It's my medication of choice and it's wonderful for me but most days I get a really bad shake that lasts maybe 15 minutes. It's quite violent (I've always been a bit of a tremor person, could paint even at 5 because I can't...