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  1. H

    Too Real

    Currently, the scenario is reality tv and everyone in my town and even country is in on it. It's some sort hypnotist show, where everyone else knows but you. I see people snickering all the time. Many stare with a half smile. Some seem to take pictures when Im not looking. Others have...
  2. B

    Anyone Else See Similarities Between LSD and Schizophrenia?

    They have either a good trip or a bad trip. So do we. Both sides see things. If they're having meaningful experiences on it, why don't people see it when their schizophrenic? Or does anyone here? Someone slipped me acid once and its been on my mind lately.
  3. B


    Slipped back into ED behaviors. Not sure how to stop. And too sad to even try :( I hate ED...
  4. B

    Here's to the beginning of a **** new year. (NSFW)

    So this year sucked Over the summer I got drunk with a crush of mine. She has bipolar, I have BPD, we connected. I got really wasted, she seemed to get tipsy, and she started begging me to go down on her. I didn't want to do it, but she started telling me that she loved me, and that she thought...
  5. C


    ok. so not one of u noticed i slipped into convo "jurst um jurst" & "question of ownership!" bloody hell. those statements make no sense. but because u read it, not one of u said cally, wtf u on about! dunno wot this proves, if anything?!!
  6. F

    Mind spouting rubbish

    Tried for early night as have a slight headache but mind decided to spout rubbish like " I need some corenas before it's too late " . WTF is a 'corena' ? There was some other crap but it slipped my mind rather quickly.
  7. Cerise


    I've been feeling mostly really well until this afternoon when my mood has crashed and I feel hollow and unhappy and really flat. I haven't got anybody to talk to about how I feel because my husband has got tired of listening to me and I feel really alone. I was doing so well but now I feel like...
  8. O

    Am I just being paranoid??

    I currently have a bad back due to slipped disked, my gp did try to sign me off but I can not afford this and asked for a amended duties fit note instead. I am now on my second of these, obviously since this has happened I have not been able to complete my job at my normal standard, I work in a...
  9. JG Georgie

    Keep losing people

    I apologize in advance for the length, I'm a writer so I have trouble toning things down. So, because of a sort of crisis I was going through towards the end of last year, I left my high school and I hadn't seen any of my friends in over 2 months. And dealing with manic depression for over 5...
  10. I

    Need a bit of catharsis

    Hello, I'm a 23 year old male and at this moment in term ( it's been going on for a few years now ) I get a massive feeling of guilt after I've eaten, it doesn't matter if it's a salad or a kebab. Whilst I'm eating I'm enjoying it and then I get this horrible guilt after. I always seem to be...
  11. ABsea


    Had a bad panic attack yesterday after quitting my job. I thought weed would help. After previous experiences i should've known better :( It made it so much worse and now im just depressed. I had flashbacks of when i had acid slipped in my drink 6 years ago!! That has never happened before. I...
  12. ABsea


    Sometimes I want to drop everything I worked so hard for and make up for the years I've missed. If I die, all the better. This world is a terrible place. All signs are telling me to do its. All my friends ended up so screwed because of drugs yet I somehow slipped through the cracks. Things seem...
  13. C

    please help me

    i am recovering from an operation my 4th actually on my abdomen i am in so much agony my mood has slipped and concerntration is really bad i am on no anti depressants because i am sensitive to quite alot of them last week i called the crisis team and they basically said they couldnt help me...