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  1. R_Sxo

    How to Lose Weight! <3

    In regard to weight loss, I managed to lost 40 lbs over the course of 2016 as part of a New Years Resolution - with my physical and mental health in a gutter, I decided to invest my effort and time into health and fitness, and progressed from a lazy, overweight consumer of junk food, into a...

    Neurotic Voices.

    They want to change my life. Do this do that. blah blah blah. This person is like that blah blah blah. Too fat - too slim blah blah. I could go on but sick of it.
  3. RainbowHeartz


    looking back at old photos of me made me purge just now, i looked so slim and now im overweight and blah looking
  4. R


    Tomorrow I will find out if I'm allowed another admission at the local private hospital. I so desperately need it. If they say no I will, no joking, die. I've already planned it in my head... Whatever slim hope I had will be shattered and I will not recover from it :(
  5. Bella White

    Always Hungry

    I always feel like eating. I'm not obese or really fat. I'm slim but I really would love to loose some weight. It's just that, even though I try not to eat so much, I always feel like eating. I could have a huge plate or multiple plates of food and still feel like eating. I'm not sure, but I...