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  1. R

    What is wrong with my father?

    I am worried about his health he buys dvd box sets and records them onto blank Dvds constantly all day everyday. He sleeps on the sofa. He also flushed rubbish down the toilet instead of putting it in the bin. He also pauses the washing machine. He sleeps on the sofa.(and he steals money from...
  2. M

    It's horrible,

    To not be able to sleep and feel safer awake in a dark room with only the TV ambiance for company as everyone else sleeps. I just wish the doctor would just give me phenagan on repeat. I can't keep doing this.
  3. F

    How to deal with my paranoid partner?

    Hello all This is my first post on this site, so apologies if I am going over old ground. My partner has mental illness which features many of the established behaviours: extreme paranoia about people close to her trying to harm her, gossip about her and being disloyal to her. She has been...
  4. jezcoleman

    anyone got a good joke?

    Theres something to be said about being an insomniac... Theres only 2 sleeps till christmas:D