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  1. W

    Anxiety when woken by others, then going back to bed

    I'm looking to find out if anyone else has gone through something similar, what they do for it (if any) and if there is a term or name for this other than anxiety. I don't ask others to wake me up unless I feel that I might hit the snooze button 50 times. I will clearly ask "Hey, can you check...
  2. TulipIceCream

    Vistaril (hydroxyzine)

    I am on Sertraline (Zoloft) 100mg and melatonin 10mg. My psychiatrist just upped these doses today. I had a schedule change and now come home some nights after 10pm and have to pass by a creepy forested park to get to my apartment from the bus stop. I have anxiety someone will jump out from the...
  3. R

    So screwed up.

    I am absoluely screwed. I've been thinking about suicide. I dont mean to but it comes when i feel bad about myself, low mood etc then the feeling comes back. I am the worst sort, no fight left just want to do what my thoughts are telling me. All of this positive stuff is a farce. I need help. I...
  4. J

    What are your experiences of Zopiclone 7.5mg?

    Hi all I have just started a new medication for my GAD, which seems to be working very well in controlling my symptoms - however over the last week I've been suffering from extremely sleepless nights. I've been struggling to get to sleep, or I've been falling to sleep ok but then waking up a...
  5. R

    Slowly trying to break out of all nighters and sleep ins

    Yesterday was the last straw. I stayed up all night on the Internet browser that's on my PS4 untill 10:00 am. I usually get sleepy around 5 AM and wakeup around 2pm to shower. The day before I hadn't showered so yesterday morning I was sticky with leftover body grub and sweat. I never used to be...
  6. J

    Fear of sleeping

    For a few years now I have problems falling asleep. It doesn't happen every night, It's more like a seasonal thing. When I try to fall asleep i get very anxious, and really scared. Sleeping reminds me of dying - And I feel like if I'll fall asleep my mind will shut, and tomorrow I wouldn't wake...
  7. V

    Advice on dealing with a breakup? Developed Anxiety after breakup

    SORRY LONG POST. Currently going through what I feel is the worst time of my life (24M). If you want the TL: DR of each section - just look for the parts in bold. Part 1: Overview of relationship Here's the overview. My girlfriend of almost 2 years (19F) I met through work. We hit it off and...
  8. M

    Lack of sleep = Fatigue?

    I've received treatment twice for fatigue. However, I'm still fatigued. Does lack of sleep equal fatigue?
  9. T

    Why is it worst in the night?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. Forgive any rambling or the history, but I thought it might help to describe. This is long. :( Before a few months ago, I didn't really know anxiety or stress to this degree. I'd had some moments, sure, but no attacks or obvious symptoms like I am getting...
  10. Fairy Lucretia

    i have got nothing to say x

    it is just ,i am on my own until wednesday and i was on my own yesterday and today and feeling a bit lonely and out of it is all kind of sleeping my way through it x
  11. S

    Looking for advice

    Hi guys, new to the forum so please be gentle. I'm hoping I can speak to someone who has been in a similar position to myself. I'm a 34 year old single male who lives alone. I have a lot of friends and a good family but I feel really alone and isolated a lot of the time. I've had a look at the...
  12. S

    Hello I am new

    I really dont want to give out my name but I have been suffering from EUPD for over 30 years now and as I am getting older I am becoming worse. I also am prone to taking overdoses of pills and self harming which is not good. I am on 14 different medications half of which are for sleep but sadly...
  13. C

    How can I make my sleep anxiety go away?

    Ever since I was a child, I have been terrified of sleeping by myself or in the dark. I used to climb into my parents bed when I was scared and it got so bad that my mom would lock the doors of their bedroom at night. As I got older, I began to become more exposed to horror films and shows that...
  14. M


    Hello everyone, I am new here I am a senior in what can be considered a "better than average" high school, everyone is obsessed with their grades and being better than everyone else. My sister is a year older than me and she started having problems with depression during her senior year of high...
  15. U


    Hi! I am taking Mirtazapine for depression and sleep. I have been on it for about a week, nothing so far in the area of sleep, that is. I know that I need help and fast! I see a behavioral health doctor at the VA for my condition. Moreover, I have service connected conditions I think is one of...
  16. sunset547544

    Reducing Caffeine Intake

    I have set myself a goal of cutting down my caffeine intake to just 1 cup of tea every day in the morning for the next week or so in order to improve my sleep and hopefully mood. I am not finding it easy, I am feeling really lethargic and finding it hard to concentrate or get motivated to do...
  17. A

    Anyone have experience with ECT?

    Yes I know this is a extreme form of treatment but I hear many positives from people that have had it done as a last resort. I'm asking this because I've become so terrified of my conditions and feel like everything I'm doing is failing me. I am diagnosed with Major Depression, Anxiety, and...
  18. P

    2 Minutes to Fall Asleep

    How To Fall Asleep In Two Minutes Using A Military Approved Technique The first time I tried this I fell asleep quickly and had a refreshing sleep and woke in a good mood! Then I added lightly dragging my finger tips from my forehead to my chin and neck to help relax the face.
  19. D

    Citalopram tablets

    Hey guys just after some input. I'm currently on citalopram tablets 10mg and after 3 weeks I've been put up to 20mg on Friday as I have had no ease of my symptoms,question is dose the extra 10mg take weeks to get into your system to see if there working? also I suffer with sleep insomnia and...
  20. FadeToBlack

    Sleep Problems

    I can only sleep at the moment in 1 hour shifts.:sleepy2: I just woke up from my first of the night where I was interacting with the same people who are hiding their identities from me who're part of the group that have been tormenting me in my sleep. :eek2: It ended with them all disappearing...