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  1. Chris Walken

    F*****g Screaming!!!

    At the ceiling! Why? Why Fucking Not?!? Because that's how it fucking gets ye!!! That's why not!!! Christ! Breathe. Breathe ..... I'm clutching my own biceps, and they feel like Body Builders! Massive and rock hard! I'm a skinny ****. Deep breathes. Sorry. It just goes this way...
  2. I

    Tired of not being skinny enough

    Hello, I would like to share my problem. I am 19 years old and I hate my body. It all began two years ago when i was dating one guy that was quite fat and he used to fill me with junk food. I didn't resist. Now i am 169cm tall with 70 kilos. My measurements are 96-72-100... I want to ge skinnier...
  3. naominash

    Body Image

    Often I'll compare myself to skinny women I see and actresses. I think I wish I could look like them. I admire how clothes look on them. I have water weight and fat is stubborn thanks to medication. My husband tells me I'm lovely every day, so sometimes I wonder if I worry too much about it...
  4. S

    Please could someone help me

    Hi, I feel an idiot writing this but I'm so confused and really need help. Iv been dieting for about a year now and have lost a lot of weight. My boyfriend is really worried and Iv tried everything to reassure him that I am fine as Iv not lost an extreme amount of weight in a short period of...
  5. L

    Does my daughter have an eating disorder?

    My daughter is 12 and iv only recently seen how skinny she has got in the past year. She always wears baggy clothes so when she put a dress on for a family occassion a few days ago and my heart sank. The dress was hanging on her. She is eating small amounts but these r not regular and is...
  6. C

    Eating my feelings..

    Lately I've been eating a lot for a million reasons. i have a tendency to binge eat and then starve myself. Its so terrible because i dont feel pretty unless im skinny and when i binge i feel so depressed and fat. how do i deal with this
  7. A

    Questionnaire - how men feel about their body as a function of their diet, exercise and lifestyle choice?

    Questionnaire - how men feel about their body as a function of their diet, exercise and lifestyle choice? Hi, I am a year three student at the University of Central Lancashire. I am currently undertaking a study investigating how males feel about themselves in relation to their diet and...
  8. L

    Strange disorder

    Hi all, I have a very strange disorder and haven't spoken about it for years. Even though people know I don't eat much and never do shopping they just don't get why. This has been around for years more so in the last year. I find my self looking at images of skinny men, women, children and...
  9. Z

    Triggering yourself

    Okay this is going to sound really creapy and i know it is but i can't stop.. I find myself deliberately triggering myself by looking at pictures of really skinny girls or Sh pictures.. I don't know why i do this but i can't get myself to stop.. Does anyone else do this?
  10. H

    No help for eating disorder if you are not skinny?

    I have had an eating disorder to various degrees for 14 years. My eating habits vary greatly depending on how bad I feel and I often switch between food restriction and binging/purging. However I feel that because I am not skinny and do not fit one particular text book case, there is no help for...
  11. M

    Hi I'm new to forums

    Hi so this is my first time on a forum. I'm just in a place in my life where I am not sure what to do. My father committed suicide last summer and a guy I really love stopped talking to me at the same time, even though he knew about it. I have to get over him because he won't answer my calls...
  12. K

    Fashion Police ASOS

    Shit, it gets worse, mate gets a atos letter of demand of appearance (sure its against the law never mind human rights). Anyways wot with us both being completely mental and carnt see proper neither, she goes: "ere whats this katss?", I says its a invitation from ASOS, theys a fashion company...
  13. F

    when will i be normal again?

    Hi I am new to this forum, but have finally decided to get help. My eating disorder started last April when I decided I wanted to get in better shape and lose weight. I became obsessed with my weight and would weigh myself everyday. I would count calories and track my food. I eventually had...
  14. T

    I could screeeaaam!!

    The last 4 weeks or so, maybe more, I kind of gave up thinking about my eating. I gave up arguing with myself, just did what my first thought said (if that makes sense!) pretty much indulged my habit. But it's not a good idea, and I'm not feeling too great. So anyway, my mind has felt in a...
  15. L

    Mad Today

    Seems like everyone has a comment about me appearance today. Mostly - you've lost too much weight. Why does everyone have to voice their opinion on my appearance. I don't tell others if I think their too thin or too fat. I'm told by a close friend it's because people care about me. That's a...
  16. RedRoseBeauty

    My ED & me.

    Why is it, that it only takes one tiny little thing to make me go mental & feel like crap. The only stable thing who hasn't hurt me in my life is my ED. Why do people want me to get better & move on when it's the one thing that has never let me down and always been there for me. She's helped me...
  17. N

    Im a little unsure, could anyone help? :D

    Im gunna jump right into this one, a few of my friends and my mother seem to think i have am suffering from anorexia, i disagree. I eat 1 meal a day, i ignore feeling hungry and sleep the days away, i am keen to stay skinny, i dont see it as a problem as such, im 17 years old... i realise i may...
  18. E

    I don't know what to do

    I feel so frustrated, Its a bad day for me today, im finding it hard to handle anything, haven't eaten for six days and yet my parents still don't notice me, even after i tried to kill myself they just came and picked me up a few days after i'd been in the hospital, its okay they have five other...
  19. S

    weight gain how to address it ?

    hello all, i havent posted for a while, DD has been put on olanzapine, carbomazapine and prozac and it has took 3 months or so to get to a leveling out period. At times she has struggled but persiveard and feels alot better and far better than she has ever felt. However she has gained 3 stone in...
  20. S

    Kate Moss's motto gives comfort to 'pro-anorexic' community

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2009/nov/20/kate-moss-motto-pro-anorexic When the supermodel Kate Moss, in a rare online interview this week, told readers that one of her mottos was "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels", the fallout was instant, vitriolic and damning. Susan Ringwood...