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  1. Bizzarebitrary

    Hypodermic needles and catheters, I hate em.

    It begins with rapid breathing, then my palms start to sweat. I hear the sterile wrappers tear and I begin to squirm. The smell of the alcohol swab and the sensation of it cleaning the injection site on my skin causes my blood pressure to shoot up. A finger tapping on a vein followed by the...
  2. M

    Mention emotional/physical numbness at health center?

    I'm intending to go to a local health center to at least get my severe fatigue figured out. Could I also mention the fact that I am numb to sensory feelings like smell, taste and my skin? I don't want to mention too many negative things.
  3. G

    Hearing voices/Other symptoms

    Hi, I'm not sure how to go about this issue so I figured here would be the best place to get a response. Recently (within the past 3 months) I have begun to notice changes in my mental health. This is usually normal around this time of year as it is the anniversary of my mother passing, however...
  4. M

    Really Scared of Losing Skin's Glow

    I am really really afraid of losing my skin's radiance, which is by far the only thing I've been always complimented on and approached for I guess. I live in a culture (Pakistan) where dark skin is looked down upon for marriage and romantic relationship, and perhaps hence, I am really scared of...
  5. Z

    Is this Health OCD or is this a real concern?

    So a few years ago we had these GPI weights that melted. They dripped on the floor of our gym and some stains were left on the floor in our garage after we set them there. This black sticky tar stuff also got on one of our broom handles. When we threw them out i got some on my hands and it was...
  6. S

    How do I hurting my lips?

    I always hurt my lips I do this when I'm anxious, excited, bored. Any kind of mood. I want kissable lips. Plump, soft, juicy. I want to look good in deep cherry red lipstick but I can't because my lips are all chapped. I've tried it all. Nothing works. How do I stop this awful habit?
  7. F

    Book Idea

    Hello all, I wrote a short excerpt about my experience being suicidal. I was thinking about turning it into a short book about my life. This would be the opening section, and then I'd write about my childhood and transitioning into adulthood, telling both happy and sad intense stories in pretty...
  8. B


    Hi, I havent ever been diagnozed, but I have been self harming since I was very little. (I remember hurting myself while at other kids birthday parties!) Its recently got very bad following getting a lot of insects bites on my legs and my legs now resemble a heroin addicts skin. Does anyone...
  9. valleygirl

    Once Again Trying to Lose Quetiapine Weight

    So I am making another stab at losing weight, but I am doing it differently this time. I am big enough that if I lose weight quickly I will have problems with excess skin, and skin removal surgery is not covered in Canada. So I am aiming to lose the weight I want to lose over 5 years rather...
  10. S

    How can I stop letting my hirsutism bring me down?

    For those of you who don't know what hirsutism is, it's when women grow body hair like men. It could be caused by PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) or just genetics I guess. I got my hormones checked and they said everything was normal. I don't know if I have PCOS or not. But I've been dealing...
  11. vanish

    Feeling freaked

    I am having this weird skin crawling sensation I haven't had for years of bugs crawling under my skin. It's kinda freaking me out to be honest. I think I am in some sort of weird delayed shock from the car accident yesterday. I'm also hearing sing-song voice (Asher) telling me I deserved to die...
  12. N

    Encouragement, Support, and Tips, for those fellow or new posters who have Psorasis

    Encouragement, Support, and Tips, for those fellow or new posters who have Psorasis Hi Folks, I wished to have developed and commenced a thread for Psroasis sufferersand not just me who have this most at times, dehibilating condiiton - Psorasis, and as quite rightly described can and is, a...
  13. L

    Self harm

    I was that desperate earlyier that I self harmed. I dont want to live a life by self harming. I would rather be dead.
  14. Chopsy

    my initial diagnosis was a hypomanic state, brought on by a grief Reaction.

    my initial diagnosis was a hypomanic state, brought on by a grief Reaction. I do not know if on my post-natal notes, anything is 'written', but i went into a 2 week 'postnatal' high, at least this is what my sister who is a nurse said it was.... So i want to list here EVERYTHING else i have...
  15. J

    Family member harms skin. Obsessed with disease.

    We have a problem with a family member. Years ago he has started being obsessed with his skin. The obsession grew, namely he started finding names for his "maladies," but ultimately decided on "mycosis," which he describes as a thickening of the soft tissue from the palms and feet. He then...
  16. M

    What type of psychologist should i pick for this racist problem?

    What specialty/skills should a psychologist have for this personal problem i have below... I'm a dark skin male and have this insane anger problem and resentment towards fair skin girls because i believe majority of them are racist and have no interest in dating me because of my skin color...
  17. A

    skin picking disorder

    Will anybody share experience of this
  18. samuel-oc235

    little advice.

    Has anyone on here had skin graft to cover up there scars?
  19. Lincoln1990

    Itchy skin?

    Is itchy skin a symptom of anxiety? My anxiety is pretty high right now and my skin is very itchy. I'm coated with lotion and still itchy :low: This isn't the first time this has happened.
  20. loulabelle

    carbamazapine skin rash

    Has anyone suffered from skin rash and mouth ulcers. Ever since a dose increase ive developed a nasty rash and sore mouth and ulcers. Gp has taken bloods and given antihistamines the rash is getting worse !! Back to gp