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  1. T

    Emotional abuse towards bpd

    I work daily on myself n retraining my frontal brain... My S.O. does not.. He can he mean and emotionally controlling to the point of abuse. Its frustersting that all the info out there on BPD makes us the abuser.. Like no one cld possobly manipulate or use our disorder to gaslight and...
  2. B

    Does it get better?

    Hi, I hope you are well. I am feeling too low, with thoughts of suicide. It is possibly the new job and the energy it is taking along with the Masters, I feel that extra pressure. I also feel lonely, as my boyfriend is in another country. It's very tough, with work and college I don't have as...
  3. J

    Alzheimer’s Disease

    Hi friends, Please share your views regarding Alzheimer’s Disease. I want to know much more about it. I think i have some symptoms like decline in thinking skills, memory and reasoning skills. Share your experience.
  4. M

    Social Anxiety Question

    Hi All! Can spending copious amounts of time either at home alone or out (but not socialising/ engaging) cause social anxiety? I do this and find my social skills have seriously dwindled and even get very anxious now in large crowds that's worse if there's people there I know. Thanks!
  5. H

    How to deal with bullying etc.

    Hi, I have had acute anxiety and OCD for a very long time. I solved some major health-issues by cutting out dairy from my diet. I since solved the last of my issues by going in for CES and Infrared light therapy. The trouble is that I am accustomed to being a loner and, while I have no...
  6. M

    how do i deal with gaslighting and being disbelieved?

    how do i deal with being disbelieved by mental health professionals? i have had the effects of gaslighting regarding my abusive father and the sexual abuse from several people and even as an adult i am dealing with it again, from my mental health team now. i know i need to use my DBT skills and...
  7. R

    In Need of Support

    I was diagnosed with BPD a bit over a year ago and I honestly don’t feel any better today than I did then. I have done three rounds of IOP and a round inpatient. I know the DBT manual but struggle to use the skills. My therapist urged me to post here so that I might be able to gain a little...

    Anybody into web coding?

    I have been learning JavaScript the last few weeks. It is a fun language to learn, and you can use it to help build websites. I am following the course at freeCodeCamp. One of the tasks is to solve algorithms - which may sound hard but it is a lot of fun. Like doing a crossword for nerds...
  9. O

    Trauma From Being Very Ill

    I'm sure a lot of you can relate to having crazy experiences with meds, being very ill, and being put down by other people just for being in so much distress. A few years ago when I would get put in the hospital a lot, I was put on so many different medications. One of them I had a very...
  10. F

    Social anxiety and social skills

    Written by Sarah DeWeerdt In autism, social difficulties may set the stage for anxiety | Spectrum | Autism Research News My social skills are regarded as very poor. I have fairly severe SA.
  11. I

    Social skills

    I need to develop some serious social skills. They will help me get and keep friends and maybe even a man. Problem is I am very socially stupid. I am tired of being alone. I need relationships. I want a satisfying job. I know many of you on here have successful relationships and jobs or a going...
  12. cpuusage

    Emotional Strategies and Skills for Aspiring Mental Health Workers

    Emotional Strategies and Skills for Aspiring Mental Health Workers Emotional Strategies and Skills for Aspiring Mental Health Workers - Mad In America
  13. F

    Dyspraxia associated with autistic traits in adulthood.

    Coordinated movements and successful interactions with other people are important for many activities. But are motor skills and social skills related? A large study carried out between researchers at Coventry University and the Autism Research Centre tried to find out. The research team, led by...
  14. C

    anyone resisting DBT?

    Hey everyone, I have been doing DBT (for borderline) with a DBT therapist (over skype as no BDP therapist in my city). We do the group training (or should I say we try to do, as I am not into it), but the thing is I am just lazy or I do not know what is the correct word for my attitude. I...
  15. S

    Living skills

    Anyone know what living skills is I have an assessment for the group tomorrow and am really scared don't know what they expect or want from me
  16. T

    Breakdown In The Near Future. Please Help Me Stop It.

    I'm feeling like I'm losing myself. l I have dissociation experiences daily...I feel like I'm losing myself; and I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm about to have a breakdown. Yet again. Whatever I do coping skills wise that's healthy aren't working. Nothing works...
  17. valleygirl

    I want to drop out of life

    Wish I had the skills to live in a little cabin in the woods and "live off the land."
  18. amathus

    7 Coping Skills to Use in the Face of Passive Aggression.

    7 Coping Skills to Use in the Face of Passive Aggression | World of Psychology read on... (Psych Central)
  19. suicideangel

    Dbt sheets for anyone who may find helpful to follow

    hey, I will be using this thread for all my stuff from dbt skills group and to practise these skills here. If anyone else would like to use this stuff and or join in then feel free to. As I hope that someone finds this useful.
  20. C


    Mendip and Sedgemoor Heads up Somerset Heads Up Upper Breach South Horrington Somerset BA5 3QG 01749 670667 [email protected] Heads Up is a local Charity working with individuals across the Mendip and Sedgemoor areas of Somerset who are affected by mental health issues and other...