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  1. Oldskool71

    Going red flushing ruining my life

    Hi I’ve just joined the forums . I have this problem I’ve had for a while where I just go red and extremely hot in social situations even at home on my own can happen anywhere but more so when dealing with social situations. I’ve been to the doctors blood pressure is always high when they take...
  2. P

    Is my boyfriend mentally ill? Please, need your opinions

    I know it's difficult to answer my question and I'm not a entitled to say so, but I think and feel that my boyfriend has some kind of mental illness. I wouldn't describe the beginning and whole history of our 2 years lasting long distance relationship, but I can write a few things about him and...
  3. M

    Newbie Here

    Hello all. I'm a 44 yo male tht has seemed to developed anxiety when over the last 15 years. Maybe I always had it but it came to light as I got into the real workforce/career. My main embarrassing symptom is forehead sweating when I'm on the spot. Such as in a meeting or reviewing work with...
  4. S

    Really need support. Suspect my 15yr old has BPD.

    Hello, I really need some help and support. My 15yr stepdaughter recently came to live with us full time following disclosures of abuse against her mother and stepfather. She disclosed the abuse to school. The school reported and social services placed her here. Further assessment resulted in...
  5. C

    Good evening

    Good evening everyone So after a tough weekend I find myself here looking through posts and looking for some answers within myself. I’m a healthy 33 year old guy who has been having issues all my life but only just got diagnosed with having mental health issues about 4 years. I first noticed...
  6. A

    How much of this was abuse? *trigger*

    So I'm going on quite a short waiting list for prolonged exposure therapy which is going to focus on the sexual abuse side of things rather than the bullying so I need to try and work a few things out in my head before I go into it, which I hope someone can help me with here. I've had a number...
  7. L


    I am taking my 46 year old son on a plane to Spain. Does anybody have any advice . he has schizophrenia. He has never flown before and get anxious in new situations.
  8. H

    Don't know what to do

    Sorry for the rather poor thread title, but it summed up my feelings right now. I'm worried im suffering from anxiety and i dont know what to do or who to talk to. I'm scared if i go to the doctors they will hust laugh or dismiss me. My problems are as follows - I struggle with social...
  9. T


    Today I was walking my dogs I was full of rage and fear when I am outside I put on. Suit of armour An angry fuck you attitude medusa look one two and three. This helped stopped me from being bullied In many a situation as I was not Kept safe in my life. My dog ran off and u know everyines...
  10. C

    Is cognitive behavior therapy good for depression?

    My life events led me to depression. A series of unsuccessful events happened in my life. I couldn't find a job as I wish. I have attended several interviews but I failed. At that time some financial problems hit my family. We were too much worried about the situation. Nothing worked...
  11. J

    Relationship Patterns and Stressful End of Year

    Hello, I'm new here. Lately I have been noticing things within me that I do not like, and whether it is a circumstance of stressful situations or more, I don't know and would like to find out.. I think a sign of mental illness can stem from interpersonal relationships, and I've noticed...
  12. W

    My symptoms??

    Ever since I was a little kid I always felt sad for some reason.. My childhood was harsh and difficult my father was not the best idol ever to me and my mother used to suffer passively all my childhood (nothing new now actually but I have gotten used to it).. Up from I was 10 I was aware I don't...
  13. C

    hello I'm new here

    need some support long term i know a lot of people find other people in similar situations online and become pals :) sorry i burnt y hand and can't type properly!
  14. S

    feeling unconfident and trapped

    how do i go out of the house and do normal things , how do i join things when i struggle with social situations ( never feelin i fit in , feeling on the outside, feeling distanced from everyone , not being able to relate or really talk to people because of the way i feel inside , feeling...
  15. W

    You guys are heroes...

    Seriously, I have been living in fear and depression for the last 4 months. My situation is really fucked up but I can still find a moment in my day and think all those people that may experiencing way worse situations than mine. Really, my respect to all of you people. Its so strange but it...
  16. F


    This is about children on the spectrum but I think it might also be applicable to adults Uncertainty drives anxiety, sensory issues in autism | Spectrum | Autism Research News I quote from the article : This is very much the situation with me . The unknown is full of uncertainty , It's...
  17. M

    Can't stop thinking about dying

    I can't get the thought of myself dying out of my head. I'm not having suicidal thoughts but I always think of myself dying in whatever situation I'm in, for example, if I'm driving on the highway I picture myself crashing and dying all the way through to my own funeral. I've been thinking about...
  18. J

    Social anxiety

    Hi everyone, first post. I didn't know which area to post this so please move if necessary! I would like some advice, I've had this issue for a while but in my current job it's really causing me problems. In certain social situations, which I would describe as being the centre of attention in...
  19. M

    Too many problems too little time...

    In quite a bad place at the moment... Had far to many bad things happen in such a small space of time.. never recovering from one thing to a next & dragging myself through.. Now im left totally broken & unable to cope "normally" with "normal" situations.. and its all just a bit much... i feel...
  20. R

    Thinking out loud

    New to the forum. Speaking my internal monologue out loud when in high pressure social situations. Very embarrassing Anyone else do this?