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  1. S


    Hi, this is my first post and I have this terrible feeling over me right now. Im in a music studio with about a dozen people and I feel my who body shaking. I haven’t said a word or moved since they started a few hours ago. I’m trying to stay calm and breath, but my heart is racing. I’m actually...
  2. valleygirl

    Keep forgetting to take my antidepressant

    I keep forgetting to take my antidepressant, and I'm not doing so hot right now. I know it's my fault that I am sitting here at home, barely coping. Actually, not really coping at all. Avoiding all the things I need to do and sitting here watching Netflix and crocheting. Thinking about...
  3. Mr.NiceGuy

    What causes the human tailbone to wag/Dizzyness?

    So I haven't figured out specifically what makes the human tail wag other then its tied to emotion but that's known about dogs as well. wagging at different speeds seems to be related to attention. When your tail is wagging, and it slows down and then stops, its a sign you that you have become...
  4. shaky

    Lurasidone (aka Latuda)

    Anyone tried this? I strted on it 3 days ago. I think it is making me more jumpy, less able to sit still. Which is less than ideal. Sitting still is one thing that helps me to stay alive.
  5. little rose

    feeling angry upset and dissociated

    sitting here feeling like i been overtaken like i feel really exposed suddenly started feeling like this came out of nowhere had a outburst now sittin here crying fed up of being mentally ill and traumatised had therapy today and i think it upset me a bit aswell pretty angry that i never got...
  6. B


    It had to be done. :eek2: Sometimes I can’t go and I refuse to take laxatives or any other oral medication to go. The quickest way to the problem is with an enema and it works immediately. I don’t have to worry about getting hit with the need to go, 3 hours later, when I’m sitting in my car...
  7. B

    Over exercising

    I’ve always been a normal eater (far as calorie intake). My problem has always been exercising. I can do it for hours. Not keeping still but in constant motion. Not sure what that’s called. But I’ve messed my knees and back up. Making it impossible for me to run, anymore. I ran a lot for over 15...
  8. Anime-Alchemy

    Sitting for long periods of time and often is bad for you?

    So last night as I was doing some research into exercise, i also searched through google about sitting for prolonged durations of time, which is what i do. The NHS says about how this is bad for you and can increase risk of diabetes, heart problems, etc and increase risk of dying earlier. I...
  9. Zardos


    Those words are haunting me. That's what i feel like.. I'm so lonely these days.. Its 8pm.. I've spent today sitting at my laptop staring into space... Basically its not going to well... :cry2::cry2::cry2:
  10. Zardos

    Too Many Med's Again

    I deliberately took too many meds this afternoon.. not at overdose levels.. Just more than prescribed.. Just enough to numb me out.. I've been asleep now off and on for twenty four hours... Now its 9:30pm and i just got up... I'm feeling pretty cruddy... Sometimes living on my own gets to me...
  11. H

    Is there something wrong with me?

    Hey guys, thank you for reading. For the past few years, i've noticed some weird stuff that would happen to me, it would usually occur when i think about what i'll do tomorrow. When i think about how the same exact thing will happen to me for a very long if not infinite amount of time whether it...
  12. I

    just waiting around

    Hi I know this sounds really depressing but I feel like I'm.just sitting around waiting to die with absolutely no purpose,not working I just unbearable,I know I have a lovely loving bf and family but just feel so low like I have no purpose and I'm.just sitting here waiting for me escape I feel...
  13. S


    I have been depressed for a year now and it has been putting my marriage through hell...right now my husband isn't talking to me and giving me the cold shoulder. I'm stuck in the van next to him and freaking out...he has given up in me and I'm feeling pretty low right now ...not sure how to deal...
  14. Nikita

    100% say they do not trust new Tory Welfare Chief Damien Green who want mentally ill to stop sitting at home claiming benefits.

    100% say they do not trust new Tory Welfare Chief Damien Green who want mentally ill to stop sitting at home claiming benefits. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/tory-welfare-chief-wants-stop-9161642
  15. D

    Should I commit myself?

    Recently I've had a string of very bad experiences. My life has never been what I would call enjoyable - growing up in violent poverty, my friends dying or abandoning me, my family has all but shunned me - but recent events have pushed me past my limits. My mother, grandpa, uncle, and sister...
  16. I

    please help

    Hi those people who have been horrible leaving me out have been texting me non stop asking if I'm ok because I haven't replied like safety wise I'm scared they will come round or go to manager but truth is I'm not ok I'm ignoring them because I'm so desperate to self harm I know where I would...
  17. 6

    Another Town says they are in crisis b/c of suicide.

    The discussion about suicide and mental health is finally starting to happen in Canada. After various towns across the country have had to declare crisis b/c of suicides happening so frequently. So my question for all of you...for all of US is what helps or would help you in that time of...
  18. H

    The Waiting Game

    Hi everyone, So an issue I face quite often is if I have plans for the day, I'm really restless and have no idea what to do with myself until I need to get ready and go out. I either end up sitting around getting really depressed and get too tired to go out by the time I need to or I get ready...
  19. U


    I thought I'd been awarded Pip but i got it wrong I'm going through the reconsideration bit obviously that's pretty much a waste of time they paid a months dla but today my esa never went in the bank I fear the worse to be honest I've got a feeling this will be up for assement tho I didn't think...
  20. T

    Do I have social anxiety?

    I had dizzy spells every day for two years. I went on anti depressants 3 months ago and haven't had one since. Now I seem to get "close" to those same feelings of "about to get dizzy" when I am in a semi private social situation (being in an area with only a few people: 3-4, having dinner with...