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  1. J

    Looking for help/advice

    Hi all, if you have a minute to read and help, I would be extremely grateful. My sister has severe BPD (she has had this for several years now) and is also pregnant. She refuses any kind of help from her family or friends and instead tells spreads horrible lies about the people who love her...
  2. M

    Just need someone to know

    I was molested when I was 10 by my stepdad. I can remember everything about it, I told my mum and also my dad and my dad obviously reported this to the police. I went through a number of interviews where I had to explain what happened, describe things such as what a penis felt like and how it...
  3. R

    paranoia and the work capability assessment questionairre

    the women i've got filling in the form leaves the door ajar slightly guess she feels safer knowing people can hear alone with a schitzo all it'll take is some women in the office overhearing things and pointing me out to their alky sister after all they'll understand and when i go into the pub...
  4. S

    Help me know what happened (possible abuse triggers)

    Hi everyone. I don't know how to feel about certain events in my childhood. Short story is that I'm the youngest of 6 kids. Our father died in 1997, when I was 7 years old. Now, a few years ago I found out from the middle sister who's 6 years older than me that our oldest brother, the oldest...
  5. R

    I'm going to lose my cool

    I am really feeling depressed lately and its mainly due to my sister not listening to me by keep smoking weed in the house. I've asked her several times to go outside in the garden and do it, yet she still refuses. I live with my mum but my mum doesn't seem to care and isn't taking authority...
  6. G

    Horrible fear of vomit sounds

    This is an issue I've tried to bury all my life and deny. I'm a 26 yr old male. It wasn't until my sister got sick last week that these fears resurfaced. I have a fear of seeing/hearing someone throw up. For some weird reason I am not bothered when I'm the one getting sick. This has been an...
  7. R

    my sister

    i think my sister came from malta to brum yesterday, i haven’t heard anything, she’ll be at my elder sisters with my brother who can’t walk visiting mother in home in brum she was 9 and i was 19, remember talking to her about suicide, a 9yr old girl, she hasn’t spoken to me for decades...
  8. D

    What's the solution?

    Apparently my sister has bpd, she's in her mid 30s now and has always caused problems. A couple of years ago she lost her flat because the landlord was selling it, so she ended up sleeping on 'friend's' sofas. She is unemployed and has been for many years, so she emotionally bullies my mum...
  9. F

    Asessment date

    Assessment process starts in February 2019. They want info from someone who has known me from birth/infancy if possible. Mother is dead. Father's memory of my early years is patchy. There's my brother and sister but it's questionable whether they'd be able to attend. My sister has said she'll...
  10. Poopy Doll

    About my Sister, again

    I guess I really am bipolar because I can't sleep since my sister was totally condescending to me because I refused to take sides in an ongoing argument she has with my son. She seeks to punish me for what my son said to her. I am continuing to defend myself in my mind. My birthday is Saturday...
  11. A

    Sectioned After Family Arguement

    Hi Everbody, I'm here because of Mental Health Awareness Day... Long time listener, second time caller. I have suffered for years with depression, stress and anxiety. Good days, bad days. I managed to hold down a pretty decent job for a while in The City. My Mum was diagnosed wih dementia...
  12. N


    I have a sister i used to be really close with and shes been totally distant. she knows i have depression and anxiety and she knows i would love more than anything to go out with her one evening so i could have some company and forget about things for a little... well she always has an excuse...
  13. A

    Depression is winning Abuse trigger warning

    Hi, just a bit of a back story really. I'm 26, male, I'm married with a boy aged 5 and decent steady job. I've never done anything like this before but I need help. When i was little, younger than 5, a neighbours son who my mum knew quite well, used to babysit me and my little sister (2 years...
  14. Fairy Lucretia

    crying my heart out

    just seen some photos of my nephews who are in foster care because my sister had a breakdown will probably never see them in RL again they are so beautiful what a shame what a waste ,my poor beautiful sister :cry:
  15. Y

    Step Sister disowned me because of political differences/step dads abuse

    Step Sister disowned me because of political differences/step dads abuse Basically long story short, ten years ago my family broke apart. My then step brother (now sister) attempted suicide, and my step dad used and abused him with no regard for his health. My step brother was incredibly unwell...
  16. Hejdå

    My Sister

    My sister is my best friend in the whole world. We do so much together and are oft mistaken for twins. She means everything to me. But I´m beginning to think she´s having enough of me. She hardly talks to me, ignores me for days at a time. Hurts me physically just for the sake of it. I ask her...
  17. K

    Someone to understand

    Hi I am new to this, so here goes. I have gradually been getting lower and lower for months now and it feels like everything is piling on top of me and I no longer can tell up from down. I have recently realised that I do not have anyone and I sit alone in my home day in day out, and if I do...
  18. J

    Struggling with negative symptoms

    I have been struggling with mental illness since age 8. Initially depression, brought on by an abusive parent. At about age 15 I started having delusions and paranoia take over my psyche. The illness progressed, however, I kept it all to myself for many years. Only with the trauma of my sister...
  19. L

    i dont know

    i am feeling disconnected i feel jealous of my sister i look up to her a lot but now im feeling jealousy i went out for dinner with my mom and my sister and just listened to them talk without contributing much to the conversation my sister and mom have a much closer realionship then me and...
  20. W

    I feel broken

    I was just diagnosed with depression and prescribed anti-depressants a year ago. I reached a point where I was having a hard time getting out of bed, drinking too much, not going anywhere socially, watching the clock for quitting time at work and just feeling no point in my life. I went to see...