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  1. N

    neighbour induced anxiety? is it real?

    Dear reader. First of all, this is the first time i have spoken about this to anyone other than my family. there is a need for reasurrance from someone who doesnt love you, an unbiased perspective i think are the words im looking for. This a long one, and please someone reply, even its just a...
  2. S

    I can't get over something my manager and my mum said. I can't stop over thinking and obsessing about it. How can I get over it?

    I can't get over something my manager and my mum said. I can't stop over thinking and obsessing about it. How can I get over it? I have been depressed for a few months now and just recently decided to go back to my old singing teacher for singing lessons. I was a bit nervous to see her again...
  3. nickybow86

    Singing in my head .. going mad

    I'm waking myself up constantly singing in my head !! It's driving me mad .. just random songs ... ugh :curseyou:
  4. G

    Borderline personality disorders symptoms? Not diagnosed!!

    Hello everyone, I would SO badly really appreciate any advice that anybody has got. I have the following symptoms, no diagnosis - Compulsively lying Compulsively stealing Compulsively spending Anorexia nervosa and compulsive over exercising Addict - prescription drugs, anything... Very...
  5. Mr.NiceGuy

    Using amplified silence to create voices

    I tried headphones with loud amplified silence to create voluntary voices with my vestibular. It's the easiest way I've found so far. I was singing songs into the white noise by creating voluntary voices. The key to doing this successfully is allowing your other voices a chance to do the singing...
  6. E

    .struggling. 😢 feeling useless?

    Sorry I can't offer any one help at the moment . I am struggling understanding my self isues at the minute. I am really struggling with new symptoms. When I wach tv I hear wipering and singing as the tv. This is new to me and I can't hear what they are saying Or singing. Dont know what to do...
  7. S

    Did something out of character

    So it's dark out and it's very cold and we had to walk our dog. While I was waiting for him to do his business, I started singing and dancing by the street. Cars started passing by and it didn't stop me. I kept singing and dancing. Horribly, too. My mom was with me and she kept saying "Stop! You...
  8. C

    Boyfriend has Bi-polar - I need some help understanding it.

    Hi guys! I'm posting here as a concerned girlfriend. I've been with my partner 10 months now and he has Bi-Polar Disorder. He doesn't get any 'help' with it. The first time I found out was about 7 months in to the relationship. We were at a pub with around 10 members of his family. He stood...
  9. V

    A new year and a new start

    So some of you may have followed my threads and know that I was sectioned again from February till December 2015. I have been home for just over two weeks now and I just wanted to tell a little bit about how I'm doing. I couldn't be happier, I can tell you. I've had a lovely (quiet!) Christmas...
  10. S

    Hey there

    Hi everyone. :) I'm 36, so a bit "old" to only just be finding out I have a mental issue, but no matter! I'm from Australia, love making music and singing, work part time in insurance and live with my partner and two cat "sons". My life is good and fairly easy, and I am very lucky. And...
  11. D

    Thoughts about things I care about being something else?

    I would like to ask a question about a particular thought that is very similar to many other thoughts I've been having and have caused me a lot of stress. This one happened yesterday and as I was listening to my favorite singer, thoughts were coming in saying it sounds like someone I don't like...
  12. V

    Constant singing in my head

    Hi, I'm new in the forums. I have a problem with constant music in my head. It seems to be my inner voice replaying songs on an on (normally songs heard recently, but sometimes old songs start playing randomly). I'm 20 now, but it started about three years ago. I think it could be anxiety, but...
  13. M

    Hi everyone! New here-- hoping to give and receive support!

    Hi,I'm 47, was diagnosed bipolar2 at 35 but I believe I was suffering from it much longer. It wasn't until my sister was diagnosed that I began to wonder if that might be my problem too. I had always been a "dramatic"emotional person. I was an artist; painting, drawing, writing, dancing, acting...
  14. Kerome

    Teaching your voices to sing

    One thing I wanted to pass on, has anyone tried to teach their voices to sing? I had some success with a Christmas carol called People Look East, and it seemed to have a calming effect and they participated with enthusiasm after a while. While singing I maintained a kind of internal marching...
  15. T

    I don't find them troubling

    I occasionally hear voices but they don't really bother me. I recognize that while a voice may sound like it is coming from outside me, it is actually coming from me. Usually they are neutral. Just last night I heard someone call my name but there is no-one there. That was it, I heard "turtle"...
  16. S

    spring is here, have hope

    my peer and great friend wishes us all well. And feels more alive when he takes walks, the beautiful birds singing, the ducks in the ponds, the bees working hard to make their honey, and be brave and laugh.:)
  17. loulabelle

    Im off to see the wizard

    The wonderful wizard of oz !!!!!!! Only because my friend is always to busy now adays...... Oh and Im singing in the rain Just singing in the rain What a glorious feeling IM HAPPY AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!! howdy guys hope ur all ok im still swinging from the roof tops my pdoc sed to stop...
  18. E

    Music Thoughts?

    Hi, I wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I cannot think for more than a minute without having a song/music interrupt. In even the most serious situations I always have a song singing away in my head, and it can be very distracting. Emily :) :goodluck:
  19. bert tomato

    Musical Voices...

    This is absolutely true: About 5 years ago, I was going through a very stressful time. As I awoke once, I heard a voice or voices singing to me about love. I have no explanation. I am ignorant.
  20. diamondshine

    Singing in the rain

    Just been to shop with my friend for midnight snacks... On way back I started dancing and singing with the umbrella we had. Laughing and skipping and singing. Apparently it makes her laugh. Was just what is coming naturally to me at the moment! I can't sit still but I can dance and make people...