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  1. A

    Going through a really difficult time including suicidal thoughts

    Hi everyone im new to the forum here and wanted to get involved and help people as much as i can and also learn coping mechanisms what others are going through, how you learn to control things and just all in all make friends and general help. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for many...
  2. kyarahope

    Being triggered BPD

    I was wondering if anyone else had experienced any similar to this, and if so how do you deal with it. I recently starting watching My mad fat diary, which is a series about a teenager with mental health issues, which I see as similar to BPD and depression. I really enjoyed watching this...
  3. C

    Introducing myself 🙂

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here, just found the forum today and thought I'd sign up. My Pshycologist suggested it might be a good idea to find a forum or two to share with others experiencing similar things to myself so here I am. Take care Cristal 🙂
  4. cpuusage

    Dopamine system in highly creative people similar to that seen in schizophrenics, study finds

    Dopamine system in highly creative people similar to that seen in schizophrenics, study finds https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/05/100518064610.htm New research shows a possible explanation for the link between mental health and creativity.
  5. L

    What support do I need?

    Hi, I'm moving from supported accommodation to a flat in the community. I currently see my Care coordinator once a week and my Cpn once a month. When I move out my CC will support me for a couple of months and then I will not see her anymore. I will just have a care coordintater. I dont...
  6. B

    R D Laing clones?

    I've been reading R D Laing's "The Divided Self", (for the umpteenth time), and getting near the end, I'm wishing he had written more. But I've only seen two others, "Sanity, Madness and the Family", and one titled "The Politics of Experience". Neither of those is quite as good as The D S...
  7. H

    Sex withdrawal

    I have had anxiety most of my life and take medication for it and am doing a course of CBT to try and help, but I have a problem that no one seems to know how to help with. I have a cycle where by I have sex with my wife, I get a sense of closeness that I cannot achieve with her in any other...
  8. T

    Blank Mind

    Hey guys, this is my first post so here goes, Not entirely sure where to post this but this seems like the right place... My mind is completely blank every second of the day. There are never any thoughts in my head. It is always empty. And even if I desperately try to think, I am unable to...
  9. G

    Types of voices

    Hi guys have been going through a break up AGAIN and since then Iv been back hearing voices , the main voice I hear a lot is the voice of my dead grandmother she helps me with everything and is very soothing , other voice I hear is very muffled can't make out wether it's male or female and it is...
  10. M

    Spiritual attacks

    Hi. I believe in God and in the Holy Spirit because it was given to me after I pleaded with God for help. It helps hold me back from being stupid or uncaring and shines a light for me when nothing else could in the hard times. Before that I felt like I had been going through horrible attacks...
  11. sunset547544

    Sleep Patterns

    I seem to be stuck in a cycle like this ; 1.) Have a crappy nights sleep where I wake up way too early and can't get back to sleep then have a day where I feel terrible / in hell / brain full of sludge. 2.) When the terrible day is over / in the evening after dinner I start feeling very...
  12. R

    There's no digging myself out of this hole

    So I've been thinking about what I have accomplished in 26 years and where to go from here. Everything I spent time learning growing up got me nowhere. Never went to formal schools or college for anything so I have no certs or credentials. I don't have a car, license, girlfriend, or job. I can't...
  13. A

    Fear of losing a close friend

    Hello everyone im new to the forum here and have joined to try and receive help and give help also. I suffer with anxiety and depression and have done for many years but recently it feels as if anxiety has gotten a lot worse. To get straight to the point im in constant fear and worry that im...
  14. G


    I had a hysterectomy two years ago due to severe PMS. Now I'm on HRT. Does anyone know whether HRT can suddenly stop working? I have a range of symptoms from irritability to anxiety. Very similar to back in the days of PMDD/PMS. Just a tad frustrating :unsure:
  15. H

    Coming off medication

    Has anyone here who has taken antipsychotic medication for more than 8-10 years successfully gotten off of them? Was it hard for you and how did you do it? Im trying to come off cold turkey( i have no other choice ) after taking them for 10 years and it feels like a losing battle after 2...
  16. C

    Anyone Similar?

    Okay so I haven't been professionally diagnosed, always misdiagnosed with depression, but I was wondering if anyone had any similarities. When I'm depressed I want to do anything to escape of sobriety, like huff household chemicals and sometimes I feel as if I'd do any drug if they were in my...
  17. S

    Hello everyone!

    Hello there everyone! My name is Sona :) I don't really know what to say here, I don't want to start of ranting while just introducing myself so.. What is there to say? I'm a 21 year old girl/woman, I love music and art, videogames, interesting stories and a bunch of other things. I don't know...
  18. A

    Recurrent depression

    Hi all I'm 23 y/o and have had recurrent depression for the last 10 years which started with a suicide attempt age 13. I feel like it is something I am always going to struggle with and even after 10 years I can't seem to manage it well. I feel like there is something systemically wrong with...
  19. A

    newbie from Coventry west midlands.. new to mental health issues

    hello folks !! first time posting, first time for everything. found my way here after googling for info on mental health & benefits. im a mum and my oldest son has been diagnosed with Psychosis and Schizophrenia. had an awful few weeks (infact got to be the worst experience of my life ) but i...
  20. B

    co-worker relationship problems

    Hi Everyone, Been struggling with anxiety so much recently at work it's like my brain just shuts down. Can't focus, remember anything. Many times I have an idea or thought I'd like to share but when I go to speak have trouble finding the words. This leaves me feeling stupid, overwhelmed and...