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  1. W

    looking for someone to talk to please

    i was abducted and tortured as a child. blocked it out for almost 30 years. im finding it extremely difficult to find other people from developed countries (not in a war refugee context ) to talk to. there must be (unfortunately) someone out there who has some similar experience? i would like...
  2. N

    What was going on with these guys?

    I have a current concern about someone I know in the workplace, which ties into an earlier experience with someone from 12-15 years ago. They are different in the one several years ago was a short tempered hot head who was always threatening to beat people up, bragging how many hookers he'd...
  3. N

    new person

    I found this online sight today because I don't like talking to people about my issues who can't relate. I don't think I will get any better but it will sure be great if I'm able to find others who have similar problems. That will make me happy. So hello everyone!
  4. Confusedandlabeled

    Compatible or not?

    I've been wondering for a while . .should two people with similar mental health issues date? I've always been with people that have similar diagnosis to me but I can't hold down a relationship. My relationships are always abusive (both sides) where we literally fight for dominance or one of us...
  5. H


    I’m fairly new to the self harming world, I’ve tried to commit suicide on multiple occasions but only self harmed a few times. Today, I self harmed twice. Have any experienced self harmers found something that provides a similar release? I’d like to do something else for the same release as I...
  6. K

    Anxiety thoughts

    Hi, I am here to try to explain my feelings during anxiety. I am dealing with anxiety for years but this time, my brain find another way how to disturb me and give me panic atacks. Its feeling like something is really bad or odd with me, like I am actually not here. Normally, I would take this...
  7. H

    How do you know when to go back to work?

    After being off work with mental ill-health, how do you know when you're ready to return? If you've been through this before, how did you handle it? What did you / your employer / your doctor put in place to make the transition easier? What advice would you share with someone in a similar...
  8. L

    Wonder if anyone ever in the history of mankind have had similar thoughts as me.

    Wonder if anyone ever in the history of mankind have had similar thoughts as me. Hello, im a male, 27 who`s been suffering from mental illness since 13. It started with an extreme depression and i later developed other illnesses like social anxiety, compulsive thinking and even chronic fatigue...
  9. L


    Hey I'm new to this site and could do with talking to some new people about what's going on and maybe find someone with a similar condition to me and help me understand it better. I am diagnosed with EUPD (emotionally unstable personality disorders)
  10. G


    Greetings All... I joined this site on a whim after looking up some information about something insomnia related. I have dealt with mental health issues all my life. Debilitating bouts of depression. Anxiety about all manner of things. Paranoia. Disgust with my self. Suicidal thoughts...
  11. Q

    Government Delusions

    Without going into to much detail for fear of embarrassment but I had my first psychotic episode roughly two years ago now and at the time I was adamant that there was nothing wrong me I just had really intense and controversial thoughts about the government which lead to me be sectioned, I...
  12. A

    Odd triggers

    Hi Everyone, I've been living with depression pretty much all of my adult life. Sometimes I go through "happy" or "normal" periods and occasionally I have those intensely suicidal periods. But, whatever the degree, it's always there. I guess what I'm saying is that it's a long term problem that...
  13. Z

    New here

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, I've suffered anxiety for many years, and I can usually keep it under control. However, recently it's started up pretty bad again and knocked me out of my comfort zone. I thought I'd join here to talk with others in a similar situation, as well as join some of the...
  14. Jenbutterfly

    Think I’m depressed again

    Hi I’m jen and have had depression on off for about 12 years now since being in secondary school. Most recently I was put on anti depressants after losing my dad in January 2014. I finally felt better in August this year and began reducing the tablets but had a lot of trouble so it took me until...
  15. L

    Hello everyone newbie

    Introducing myself is hard since I’m lost at the moment but hello everyone. Looking forward to getting to know y’all and for myself get some understanding from people who are similar to me. Love here ❤️
  16. S


    New to this forum, just wanted to say hello :) I signed up here to share experiences and maybe chat with others who are going through similar struggles. Been struggling with anxiety and depression for years and find it extra challenging in winter. Have a nice day :)
  17. C

    hello I'm new here

    need some support long term i know a lot of people find other people in similar situations online and become pals :) sorry i burnt y hand and can't type properly!
  18. T

    Difference between bipolar and schizoaffective

    I was diagnosed for a decade with bipolar and have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder for about 4 years. I know they're supposed to be similar, but what are the differences between the two diagnoses?
  19. F

    The trauma of psychosis: high rates of PTSD in first episode psychosis

    Written by Jazz Croft August 18th The trauma of psychosis: high rates of PTSD in first episode psychosis I wonder how many here found their 1st episode of psychosis traumatic.
  20. B

    How do you stop yourself thinking about death constantly?

    this is my first time using a forum, so I am not sure if I am doing this right... I have always had this baseline thought of dying since I was younger and nothing I do makes it go away. as in I will be doing something and start thinking about how to die, where to die, what the best way to die is...