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  1. Hikikomori1979

    The 'News stories that bother you' thread

    I dont read the news that much, because theres always 2 sides to the story, which happens with people: anyway the story of the young couple whom met their demise while cycling in central asia bothered me. while people think that its a story of two people living more than ever, its also selfish...
  2. M

    tough times

    So as i said in a previous post, I'm heading back onto a psych ward. This is going to be my third admission this year. Each time its been a similar story either the psychosis has made me suicidal or its made me so paranoid that I arm myself with a knife and try to protect myself from shadow...
  3. F

    The food-mood connection

    Presented by Lynne Malcolm 14 May http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/allinthemind/the-food-mood-connection/8510518 Might be of interest to those into nutrition and mental health.
  4. Kerome

    Dating with Mental Health problems

    Short but quite good article in the guardian giving tips on how to deal with revealing a mental health condition to a new significant other... ‘So, you know I have bipolar?’ – the perils of dating with a mental health problem | Life and style | The Guardian
  5. F

    Baker remains significant threat to society

    Will Baker, aka Vince Li, has been given an absolute discharge by Manitoba's Criminal Code Review Board. It is easily one of this province's worst travesties of justice. And it violates a Supreme Court of Canada decision that ruled when someone found not criminally responsible for an offence is...
  6. I


    Hello to everyone. I look forward to meeting everyone, as well as discussing/exchanging experiences i and each of you have had on our journey to being functional beings. I like to consider all of us here as the normal population of the world. We may have challenges to overcome, but who doesnt...
  7. F

    You became psychotic because you were a weird kid anyway

    Link Between Adolescent Bullying, Adult Psychosis Not Likely Causal So because you are different being bullied due to that can't result in psychosis? Don't tell me, it's all in the genes? What a crock of horse dung. The rate of 1.21% may not seem that significant but for a 1000 people who are...
  8. K

    Hi :)

    Hi everyone. I am 19 years old and cope with anxiety. I am married to a wonderful man, who is almost 21. He has GED, along with depression, ADD and OCD tendencies. I am honestly here for support while helping him. My family is supportive, and also has a history of mental illness, so they...
  9. amathus

    Are Narcissists Born Not Made? Article.

    There’s a saying that some artists or masterful musicians and craftsmen are “born, not made.” In some ways, our DNA imprints much of our future personalities and talents into our human form, but some paths that are followed are created by us, not born into us. Narcissism is one of those traits...
  10. D

    Stopping anti-depressants for a week

    Had some really bad symptoms, I've thrown up once and I've had constant flu-like symptoms as are described when stopping medication abruptly, also feeling dizzy and just overall not feeling good. It wasn't planned I just wasn't able to get the medication renewed and now it's been 6-7 days of not...
  11. shaky

    CCGs plan to cut proportion of spend on Mental Health

    Last week there was a story (from Labour) that many CCGs plan to cut the proportion of their budget they spend on Mental Health - despite the rhetoric from the government that there should be parity of esteem - so the proportion should be going up. Your can find the figures for each CCG...
  12. J

    The Holocaust

    So a few months ago I found out I lost approx. 100 of my relatives in the Holocaust. They weren't grandparents, or first cousins or anything like that. Just relatives, but relatives nonetheless. My extended family isn't really that big so losing 100 in Germany/Poland was significant. There were...
  13. S

    Dental work setting off ocd/tourette's

    I suffer from OCD and a complex form of tourette's syndrome, which seem to be pretty well tied together in my case, among other things. A while back, I got pretty depressed and stopped taking care of myself very well for a few months. I'm now in a better place, maintaining everything and not...
  14. F

    Sport scheme to help people with mental health problems unveiled

    A £2m programme using sport to improve the lives of people with mental health problems has been announced. It is hoped the scheme, run by charity Mind with funding from Sport England, will help 75,000 people. They will be offered help to join sports clubs, take up a new activity or go to the...
  15. K

    Cancer,unsupportive significant other, panic attack

    How do I express or get the message across to my significant other that I need emotional support during a Family Illness? My parent has cancer, recently had surgery and there have been other complications which means I am her caregiver 24/7. With Doctors visits, medication, cleaning, speaking...
  16. C

    Small Traumas Can Lead to Big Problems, Too

    Small Traumas Can Lead to Big Problems, Too Sometimes trauma work is not just about resolving major traumatic events in one’s life. Life is full of small traumas that most of us do not perceive as extremely distressing. When someone comes to therapy for posttraumatic stress, it is fair to...
  17. deadchick07

    thinking out loud

    just thinking out loud, if you don't mind. trying to write down my needs and risks so when I finally get my appointment to see someone about my complaint I have everything written down. Health= Mood disorder Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME FTD Caring responsibilities= 82 year old dad with...
  18. R

    my experience - ill friend

    Someone I have known for over almost 15 years now is in bad shape. Over the time I've known him I always thought he was a little off and suspected he might have some sort of issue going on. He was frequently sick and seemed like he may have been a hypochondriac. He had frequent anxiety...
  19. N

    Relationships complicated by winter gloom?

    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing prejudice, judgment and manipulation by a significant other because there is a 'label' to how you are feeling?
  20. K

    Have any of you ever had a bad or significant head injury?

    Was reading the other day wish could remember and this guy was suggesting in fact saying most verbosely, that a big significant or any head injury was evident, if not a major, if not the biggest implication evident in peoples ability to be cast as having and or diagnosed with a MH diagnoses...