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  1. E


    Are you getting any side effects from Saphris? It's supposed to help me go to sleep but half the time it does the opposite. I don't know how I finally fall asleep at night. I feel trapped and it makes me want to shoot myself. I take Cogentin to counter this side effect which again doesn't work...
  2. M

    calling all people on quietiapine, slowly withdrawing

    Hi All, After depression for many years and one bad psychotic phase I was dx with bipolar and prescribed 300mg of quietiapine. Now this drug has literally saved my life. I do have bad side effects, the racing heart beat in the evening, stuffy nose and the hangover effect as well as the weight...
  3. Jbb79

    About Testicular atrophy On APs

    Hi, I Need help .. I have got Testicular atrophy, from AP's .. It's rather bad, normally my Balls are about 12 mL, now they're 3 - 5 mL x x There's a cure, which can grow them back, called hCG . . Does any-one else know, about this side effect - - It is related to Prolactin suppressing the...
  4. D

    Getting off of seroquel

    My doctors assistant met with me since my doctor was on an emergency call. This assistant heard not one thing I said and gave me samples of Latuda to start taking and he told me to stop my 200mgs of Seroquel. I told the provider I have been taking seroquel for 14 years but he said go ahead and...
  5. LexLoofer

    When am I supposed to feel better?

    I've been on this roller coaster of trying to manage my anxiety and depression for months now, trying every manner of medications with all varieties of side effects. Tweaking dosages to try and find the right fit. Right now I'm on Abilify and Cymbalta, which are causing a whole host of side...
  6. Y

    Father's Depression

    Hello, My (now 76 year old) father was diagnosed last year with depression. He was put on tablets (can't remember which) by the doctor but had bad side effects so moved to a 2nd type (mirtazapine) - these did seem to make a difference and midway through this year he was close to how was in say...
  7. J

    lyrica or buspar for gad ?

    hi, im on lyrica for 2 years with very good result for gad and social anxiety(im very good now) ,but side effects annoying me :( ( attention and focus,weight gain,sexual side effects and blurred vision) lately i have been searching for buspar because its non addictive and have less side effect...
  8. LexLoofer

    Abilify Side Effects

    Good morning, my name is Lex. I have depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain. I recently (about 10 days ago) started Abilify in combination with my Cymbalta and I've noticed a couple of uncomfortable side effects. I'm incredibly weak and exhausted all the time, no matter how long I've...
  9. S

    Depot injection??

    After speaking to my cpn she has told me my consultant is going to offer me the depot injection for my suicidal thoughts. Does anyone get this? If so does it help? Are there any bad side effects? Thanks in advance Shelly
  10. O

    Try to help my daughter

    my daughter is 12 years old, it was diagnosed with depression illness and has auditory hallucination since this September, my family was shocked with this. Now she was treated with Serpent hydrochloride and olanzapine from doctor, but its side effect is too stronger, now only after 2 months...
  11. A

    Clopixol side effects hypersensitivity

    Hello everyone, i have been on clopixol for about a year and a half and i am experiencing hypersensitivity to wigs and fabrics ( scarves ), its a side effect of the medication. Its gotten so bad that i am thinking of withdrawing but i just need to know do the clopixol side effects go away when...
  12. R

    Can PTSD trigger Psychosis?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. Someone who is very close to me experienced a major psychological and physical trauma created by her own family around 8 months back for no mistake from her side. Once after the incident happened, she din't sleep for few weeks, with panic on one side and cries...
  13. R

    Anxiety, depression and PTSD

    I have anxiety,depression and PTSD and my psychiatrist has put me on lamictal started low as I was being weaned off other meds but now I am at 200mg. I have had no side effects from this med that I know of. At my last visit a week ago she also added Pristiq 50mg as it was one of the meds that...
  14. naominash

    May Go off Medication

    In 2013, I was diagnosed with shizoaffective disorder. My last episode was May of 2016. Since then, I've responded positively to therapy and medication. But the medication had side effects. I gained weight, felt tired all the time, had slow reaction times, and became emotionally numb. Now I am...
  15. atlia

    lithium side effects

    i am prescribed lithium to treat/prevent manic and depressive episodes of my schizoaffective disorder the only other drug i'm taking is aripiprazole. i've been taking the latter before and didn't experience any noticeable side effects. which means that the side effects i'm having now are most...
  16. Z

    Deep Depression After Stopping Reglan

    I was prescribed Reglan (Metoclopramide) for 7 years due to diabetic gastroparesis, with only a warning to tell the doctor if I couldn't control my motions. I've only recently had a little twitching, so the doc took me off of the Reglan. Here's some facts about Reglan that nobody bothered to...
  17. I

    Have been recommended Aripiprazole

    Hi all, Its being recommended i try Aripiprazole from a Dr with my community mental health team. What are the opinions on this drug? i see that there can be quite bad side effects. Other medications i have tried are Propranolol, Escitalipram, mirtazipine and mirtazipine/citalipram. I have...
  18. I

    Tardive dyskinasa

    Anyone here ever get tardive dyskinasa or know someone who has? What is the likely hood of developing it? Did it ever go away? Is there a way to reverse it? Thanks! My psychiatrist wants to put me on a medication and that's one of the side effects! :panic::panic::panic:
  19. S


    Well, thanks everyone for the support and advice :) I went to see the Doc and he basically agreed that the symptoms show me as being BPD, and Im being put forward for therapy/ CBT.. now back on sertraline and baring out the side effects for now, and re-started mitrazapine.. Feeling fairly rough...
  20. D

    I'd really like some help

    Im 28 , I've had OCD as long as I can remember I went into the doctors when I was 8 and said "if I don't do my compulsions it feels like everyone everyone's going to die" Since then ive tried fluxitine and it would just make me forget stuff, dizzy and I'd stare at a wall totally zoned out . I...