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side effects

  1. A

    How to "fix" Sertraline (and any other SSRI)

    Like most people I also struggled with the side effects of SSRIs, while also being aware of their positive action on my symptoms of depression and anxiety. My biggest problem was insomnia that became so bad that I had to quit sertraline. After many visits to different psychiatrists I found...
  2. W

    Risperidone and other meds genital shrinkage

    Risperidone Risperdal is not a good med and caused shrinkage and numbness to my genitals area mostly penis it also caused many other side effects Other medications have this slight effect like zoloft but not like the Risperidone did After taking just mirtazapine for depression there is some...
  3. nomask

    Disabled person with multiple diagnoses here for mutual support!

    Hello. I've been looking for communities to feel safe around, and came across this one. I've had mental illness all my life and also developmental issues. Anxiety has always been a big problem for me. At a young age, I got diagnosed with OCD, GAD, MDD, and PTSD. Pdocs have always only really...
  4. pinscher chi

    Olanzapine side effects

    I started taking Olanzapine about six weeks ago to help with anxiety, OCD, anorexia and depression. I have definitely been having the side effect of drowsiness but I have also developed swelling / fluid retention in my feet. Swelling / fluid retention can also be an effect / sympton of anorexia...
  5. D

    20mg Paroxetine - is it safe?

    Can anyone who has been on Paroxetine or is currently on Paroxetine tell me about your experience taking it? Or anxiety medication in general? My boyfriend was prescribed 20mg Paroxetine for anxiety. The initial reason he went to see the doctor is due to a pain in the left side of his chest...
  6. S

    Is it not working?

    my doctor upped my zoloft dosage from 50mg to 100mg about 9 days ago. I was on 50mg of zoloft for about 5 weeks before i upped the dosage. While i was on 50mg things were going really good, my anxiety decreased and i was feeling physically fit and healthy but over christmas i drank too much...
  7. atlia

    lithium side effects

    i am prescribed lithium to treat/prevent manic and depressive episodes of my schizoaffective disorder the only other drug i'm taking is aripiprazole. i've been taking the latter before and didn't experience any noticeable side effects. which means that the side effects i'm having now are most...
  8. Anon_21

    Any Paxil users?

    My doc suggested Paxil to me today and it looks to be wonderful as far as what it treats, but I'm a little worried about side effects and dont like being on medication. Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, using this drug and what it helped with most? Any replies are appreciated :)
  9. P

    New Meds? Abilify

    Hello I have been out on Abilify recently and was wondering if anyone else had been on them and how they felt. I am a student so am finding it really hard to concentrate on work and am shaking a lot. I also get mad bursts of energy and cannot stop moving or get comfortable. :) Many Thanks if...
  10. K

    CTO means i am forced to take Paiperidone

    Got sectioned on 19th April 2018. Was allowed home only with a Community Treatment Order on 25th May 2018. RC put me on Paliperidone Palmitate 100mg. Went back to work on 28th May 2018. I have started to get terrible side effects. My prolactin levels have obviously risen. I spoke to my care...
  11. M

    Sertraline is making me "numb" and indifferent.

    Hi guys, I am suffering from Dystymia and SAD and have been taking Sertraline 50 - 75mg for over a year now. It helps with psychosomatic ailments and moderately attenuates the anxiety & fear. My problem with Sertraline is: It makes me an apathetic zombie, indifferent to life and very...
  12. M

    Paliperidone depot side effects

    I was recently admitted to a mental health hospital following a psychotic episode and breakdown. I was prescribed Paliperidone depot injections to treat. Since having them I am able to reflect back and realise I was having irrational thoughts as well as behaving out of character and so the...
  13. M

    Paliperidone depot side effects

    I was recently admitted to a mental health hospital and then prescribed Paliperidone depot injections to treat. Since having them I am able to reflect back and realise I was having irrational thoughts as well as behaving out of character and so the medicine has helped me to regain normality...
  14. T

    ect side effects

    Has anyone experienced a side effect from ect where certain harmless images like a video game character or a random image briefly make you feel grossed out?
  15. G

    Side effects? Advice needed!

    First of all, sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. If so, could an admin please move it to the correct forum. Hi, this is my first post, and it may be a long one, so please bare with me! I have recently been prescribed Sertraline for depression which I've been attempting to battle on my...
  16. T

    Hello...I'm down

    I’ve been lurking on this group for a while and thought I’d say hello. I’m currently struggling with relative isolation and a deep depression brought on by side effects from antipsychotics and mood-stabilisers. I’m trying to get the meds changed but my pdoc is adamant that things are going...
  17. P

    Propranolol side effects

    Hey everyone. I had an appointment with my GP on Tuesday and she prescribed me propranolol as my psychical anxiety symptoms have been causing me more stress than the mental symptoms. There only a low dose so I thought why not, beats the ssri's that didn't work for me! So I've only been taking...
  18. N

    Can antipsychotic medicine be the cause of psychosis?

    I have been taking antipsychotics for about 8 years and keep on wondering why my symptoms won't go away even though I'm taking the heaviest antipsychotics in combination. I am taking Clozaril and Zyprexa. The Clozaril dosage is 300mg and Zyprexa dosage is 20mg. Both are taken at night. Now...
  19. M

    medication side effects

    Has anyone experienced involuntary movements, tardive dyskinesia from medicines that they have taken?
  20. R

    Affected by Citalopram and not coping

    I have recently been put on Citalopram for my depression and anxiety but I have had some really unwanted side effects so far. I’ve been taking them for a week and it has made my anxiety so much worse. It’s so bad that I have been unable to eat properly and have lost weight as a result. This is...