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  1. J

    For the first time I was sent home from work

    I am 25 years old and have worked since I was 15/16. Last Friday I was sent home from work for the very first time. They think I'm depressed and urged me to reach out...so here I am. I don't really know how to go about this...so I'll just start from the beginning. I've always thought there...
  2. K

    Hi newby

    I am Kay I am 30 years of age. I have 4 children all 10 and under. My 5 year is autistic and ADHD, he's very hard work and his behaviour lately is really out of control. I suffer from depression and anxiety, I have frequent panic attacks and am constantly at A&E as I always fear am going to have...
  3. T

    anyone been addicted to xanax?

    ive been taking 0.5mg twice a day(sometimes more on the weekend) for the past few months, i know its not a huge amount but when i dont have it i start to feel really paranoid and shaky. has anyone tapered off it ? i take other stuff aswell and feel ill when im sober im sick of it
  4. E

    Travel Anxiety

    Hello! I am wondering if anyone else suffers from travel anxiety? I am normally fine in cars if there’s not many people in them. But as soon as I’m on a bus or train and especially boats I get horrible anxiety, I feel sick and my chest goes tight. No matter how many times I force myself into...
  5. S

    Anxious, shivers and feel sick to the pit of my stomach

    Hi, I'm not in a good way. I'm a very worried type of person anyway but lately it's got worse. Been single for 6 years and have just started dating someone through work for about a month...seen him about 5 times. I haven't had much contact with him over the past day or 2 and now I'm so het...
  6. J

    Cant eat most of the time really need help ! :'(

    So, im going to keep this short and sweet, dont wanna be here all night 🤣 So recently (past 2 months) i have been waking up in the morning and being sick. Not really sure how it started exactly....but....i cant eat....i put the food in my mouth and chew a few times and i have to spit it out as...
  7. Deadheading

    The clock is ticking

    Last night made me even more determined to end it all. I wasn't successful ending it two months ago, but this time I'll make sure it happens before the New Year. I am sick to death of this, and don't tell me to explore other options. There are no other options.
  8. O

    is this what anxiety feels like?

    I wouldn't class myself as a worrier. I do find this time of year quite depressing though - i'm in Scotland so it's not light until after 8am and dark again by 3.30pm. I don't enjoy Christmas and it's just a rubbish time of year. On top of that, we are having fairly major issues with water...
  9. M

    Rough Day

    I'm having a rough day. The voices are confusing me or the single voice is re-enforcing the idea that I'm dumb. It might call me hypocritical but the things I hear it say are predictable reactions to what I am feeling. I'm feeling dumb today and the voice will say "honestly you are dumb but it's...
  10. G

    Horrible fear of vomit sounds

    This is an issue I've tried to bury all my life and deny. I'm a 26 yr old male. It wasn't until my sister got sick last week that these fears resurfaced. I have a fear of seeing/hearing someone throw up. For some weird reason I am not bothered when I'm the one getting sick. This has been an...
  11. valleygirl

    Keep forgetting to take my antidepressant

    I keep forgetting to take my antidepressant, and I'm not doing so hot right now. I know it's my fault that I am sitting here at home, barely coping. Actually, not really coping at all. Avoiding all the things I need to do and sitting here watching Netflix and crocheting. Thinking about...
  12. F

    overwhelmed with anxiety

    Im new to the forum and feel the need to write about my anxiety to get it off my chest. i feel confused and ive had bad anxiety and depression for years now. i keep getting sad thoughts and panic about anything really. like my dog passing away or worrying about going crazy, anxiety in public its...
  13. K


    I would've never thought my son would be involved in a crime that will give him 20to 30years. All I keep thinking about.. I was'nt a good parent.I would do anything for my son, but the choices he made in his life is tearing me apart. There's so much going on in my head I feel sick and my whole...
  14. soulsearcher

    feeling down, fed up, suicidal

    hey peeps, im feeling down, fed up and suicidal i just want it to end, im sick of BPD, im sick of depression, im sick of anxiety, and im sick of this paranoia :cry:
  15. D

    Trigger and Content Warning: Our family dog Jack is seriously ill

    Since our return from Mallorca our spaniel's vet discovered a hand-sized lump around Jack's bottom. After about a week we returned for a second checkover. After probing (I didn't watch) the vet suspected our dog has a cancerous tumour so he referred Jack to a specialist veterinary unit that...
  16. J

    Why is it difficult to understand that psychotropics get sick?

    WHAT is so complicated to understand that the vast majority of those who are here are sick of so many psychotropics. You see here one after another examples of polypharmacy and are year after year going around and complaining about the same adding to all the side effects that are adding to them...
  17. S

    PIP help

    So ive been trying to get back to work for the past 8 months but have come to the conclusion im just not well enough. Im supported by my GP and am on regular sick notes. My sick pay runs out this week and im panicking about money!! I cant seem to get any help or advice off anyone regarding what...
  18. Anime-Alchemy

    Doctor telephone appointment

    Just came of the mobile phone from telephone appointment from my doctor. It was to renew my sick note for universal credit. I also just made conversation/updated about how I was going/feeling just because I felt it would be rude just to ask for renewal of sick note ( I don't know i feel that I...
  19. H

    Can’t Handle Anymore

    I’ve been suffering with depression, PTSD, OCD and Anxiety for some time. I’ve had several suicide attempts that failed, I’m currently on antidepressants and beta blockers for my anxiety. My job is high pressure and I’ve been off for 8 weeks and they’ve told me I need to go back or they’re going...
  20. S

    Advice and support

    Hi everyone, I’m hoping if anyone can help me. I’ve been suffering with depression since I was 15 but I recently relapsed and it got really bad that I didn’t even want to leave the house, so I was signed off work for around 4 month.. I went back 2 weeks ago and was on a phased return to work...