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  1. D

    Amazingly hard to make friends and I keep running away from possible relationships

    Amazingly hard to make friends and I keep running away from possible relationships I'm beginning to make small efforts to talk to people again... not really the people I knew before, new people only. I'm finding that most people simply don't want to know me and the people that I communicate...
  2. S

    Plenty of Fish

    This evening i tried to register with 'plenty of fish'''...please dont hold it against me!!! I tried to do it on my laptop and on my phone but i couldnt manage to do it!!!..the registration proccess had issues! Gutted!! I was ready and waiting!! Alot of my friends have met their long term loves...
  3. K

    My Pensamento -- Guilt Permeates

    Death. It looms on my mind like the moon hangs over the darkness of night. I'm at a loss for something I never had. Innocence... As my flame dulls to a shyly burning glow of the last ember in my heart I remember that I am nothing but a monster. A fake. A happenstance in the grand nothingness of...
  4. amathus

    Do you have a specific phobia.. how do you deal with it, or can't you?

    For some strange reason I have a phobia for crocodiles / alligators, if I see one it makes me shudder and feel sick.