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  1. K


    Does anybody else have hallucinations while watching TV? Twice yesterday faces distorted while I was watching two different TV shows, and when I rewound it I didn't see it. The actors where laying down on both shows one dead and one passed out.
  2. M

    Helping someone you think may have bps?

    Hey guys and gals, I'm writing this to look for some help to get my ex who I suspect to suffer from bpd to go to the Drs. I am 100% aware that i am not a professional to diagnose anyone. The long and short, she is diagnosed with Depression, anxiety and PTSD. However, Myself and people i know...
  3. I

    Psych, School Reports, Invasion privacy

    I've been seeing a psychologist in conjunction with my mum to try and sort out some issues in our relationship mainly stemming from her not believing me when I told her about my cousins physically assaulting me.(this started when I was six, I'm now late 30's) At my last appointment with the...
  4. B

    What helps you?

    What helps you during your episodes? Mine is chill out days with favourite movies or tv shows
  5. K

    What i will i miss.

    Things i can never go back to or look at the same anymore. I used to tell her to go but all i really wanted was for her to stay. My stupid self right? Anyways. My favorite go to TV shows. Supernatural and Walking Dead. Shows i wanted to see like River-dale. I seriously miss getting some quick...
  6. Poopy Doll

    Real Nude Photography

    Here's photography you won't see every day. It shows love between the elderly. Nude Photos of Elderly, Interracial Couple Go Viral
  7. K

    Covering up SH marks

    Hi! So I have quite a few SH marks across both of my thighs and am now having a huge panic as I do a lot of dancing and for which I need to wear a pair ballet tights on Saturday!!!! These are very thin, light pink tights so as you can imagine everything shows through them! I don't know what to...
  8. I

    It' revealing.

    posting open on an internet forum shows who, what type of person and how you are.
  9. Kerome

    Study shows Amber tinted glasses can reduce manic symptoms

    Study shows amber-tinted glasses can reduce manic symptoms in just 3 days - ScienceAlert
  10. Lincoln1990


    Watching one of my favorite shows and it's about DiD. I will NEVER be integrated. That's how I feel.
  11. M

    £458 travel insurance cover for one weeks holiday

    It takes the piss. I'm going to Italy next month and because I have schizoaffective disorder I have to pay stupid amounts just for a much needed holiday and thats with a specialist provider. And on top my social worker said that it shows I lack capacity thinking about going without it and that...
  12. shaky


    I recited at a poetry event last night Now I feel like rhyming all the time I think I might be a little bit manic Full of beans, happy, feeling magic I've had some inspiration for my shows A new perspective and a little less prose I cannot seem to finish this crazy post Without making the...
  13. shaky

    Going up and down is hard

    My mood changes all the time Sometimes in response to external events Sometimes just randomly Sometimes I am afflicted by depression for weeks on end SOmetimes just a day or two. For a few days I've been wanting to go to hospital because life is too hard. But then my mood changes and I feel...
  14. loulabelle

    pet therapy

    I got a kitten she is beautuful !!! She choose me, she came straight over and started licking me !!! She is settling in really well already made her self at home. Hope the picture shows up :-D. Im feeling really good today, she gives me another reason to be alive !!!
  15. F


    New research shows benefits of ecotherapy for mental health and wellbeing - Mind
  16. F

    Anorexia study shows how doorways reveal body image clues

    Anorexia study shows how doorways reveal body image clues
  17. bert tomato

    I am thinking of going to a lawyer.

    My dad committed violent abuse against me as a child. He now verbally abuses me often, and shows absolutely no remorse. Has anyone had experience of doing this?
  18. Y

    Celebrities you'd like to meet and why?

    I only have two. Peta Wilson and Kristanna Loken. Why? I don't know really. Because they're actresses I guess, although I must stress again that I'm not obsessed with celebrities. Also, they were in shows that I watched and liked. In fact, make that 3 because I'd like to meet David Lynch...
  19. G

    Got no one to turn to and people in here wont even help

    I have just explained my situation to see if anyone could help tell me if i have got bipolar or not and i didnt get 1 reply it just shows how meaningless my life actually is. I dont live i just exist sorry for posting again because it will just bore you anyway!
  20. loneshadow

    Can a GP share the Letters M.H send him?

    can i ask the GP when i go to the GP, for copies of the letter they send him? u no when they do assessment am i allowed copies of them? :unsure: or r u not allowed to see them? :unsure: id really like to no what they say, he always just shows me it alittle bit on the screen in his office...