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  1. Tired Daisy

    Postman shouted at me and made threats

    So this morning I heard a loud thumb at the door I thought it was the police or somebody trying to break in at first so I got scared and then I saw something being forced through the letterbox so I opened the door and it was the postman and he shouted at me and said: "Why didn't you open the...
  2. J

    Struggling with bfs mental health and unwillingness to get help

    Hi, I'm new here but am struggling with my bfs behaviour at the moment. He has depression, self-harms, has suicidal thoughts, is an alcoholic (but denies it even if 'caught in the act' so to speak) but aside from being on low level anti-depressants for the suicidal tenancies, he refuses to...
  3. N

    Am I hearing voices?

    So when I was a kid, I remember that sometimes I'd be curled up in bed and just have a sense of dread and felt as if I was being shouted at. I'm pretty sure it was my own voice saying "i should just kill myself, everyone would have been better off if you never exsisted in the first place, no one...
  4. S

    Made Redundant now I'm living in hell

    Hell. Of course there are different degree's of this... Had to move in with my brother. At no point have I actually been treated as a brother or a son by my family. An out cast merely tolerated. Lost my job. Been applying for very job going to no end. Also been revising real hard for a...
  5. E


    I had my first group therapy session 4 self harm and personality disorder yesterday. It's been a long road to get here. Anyway I arrived back 2 work after 2 days off and I was in an unusual happy/positive mood but the good mood disappeared whenever my boss interrupted me and made me do other...
  6. C

    New job and I don't fit in.

    So in my previous job I was constantly making stupid mistakes and didn't feel like I'd gotten sufficient training. My boss was also mean to me sometimes, saying things like "it's not hard is it?" sarcastically when I figured something out and giving me looks like I was stupid. This was my first...
  7. U

    said my name

    ok today I heard a voice say my name for the first time ever I have been hearing voices over the past year or so#many different voices some male some female . sometimes they talk to each other but this one shocked me cos a male voice said my name he shouted CARLA NOW! I have no idea what that...
  8. The Big Dawg

    I just want to be normal

    What did I do in my previous life so bad... I did an Ouija board and the spirit said I was a warlock, so I looked it up in google to find that I was a male witch in my previous life who abused there powers. That was sometime ago but just now I went out to get a bottle of wine and when I was...
  9. RainbowHeartz

    Family dont care

    my family tells me go to the police about being molested and now i have they dont even say hello its like i dont exist anymore i dont understand it, they dont even know he was arrested they havent even asked how me or mum is its like we do not matter to none of them if it goes to court im...
  10. L

    whats going on round here

    outside my bedroom window u can CLEARLY hear people talking and I just lost it:confused: I shouted at them what are they doing down there in the middle of the night?????????????????::mad:
  11. S


    Having a really bad day everyone I phone keeps telling me to go to the Dr's but trying to get past the pit bull on reception is a joke there's one dr I trust cos she's a she and trying to get an at with her is rediclious keep on getting shouted at that there are other Dr's there one tells me...
  12. Eleison

    Access to Work - is it REALLY worth it?

    I've applied for taxi, transport help, help with costs, for the rush hour and other really crowded travel times. Due to my illness I can't cope with crowds, and get aggressive panic attacks, which can be really severe. However. Aside from the fact I now feel a fraud, because I have to get...
  13. H

    Hello, I'm new here :)

    Hello :) I'm a bit new to all this, but I just thought I'd join and see if I could get a bit of advice and/or support please.? My husband lives with depression and has for the past several years, even before I met him, coming close to being sectioned. I've been with him for nearly 3 years and...
  14. calypso

    Why can't people understand?

    I have a man who is in the house. He moves from room to room and whenever I am in a room I can hear him in, he moves. He leers at me in a mask when I am nearly asleep and laughs. I can't sleep as he might attack me. But no-one can hear me. I am angry, very angry and no-one understands. I...
  15. L

    witnessed a violent assault and can't stop crying and being fearful.. *MAY TRIGGER*

    witnessed a violent assault and can't stop crying and being fearful.. *MAY TRIGGER* Hello-- This is my first time posting on here, but I'd rather do this first, maybe it'll help and I won't need to seek out a therapist is my hope. This past saturday night I attended a beer festival at a...
  16. S

    getting stressed

    hi all well today has been a stressful today for me.....it's getting closer to my pip assessment which is on Tuesday (17th) its' also my nephew christening on Sunday too i don't want to go keep trying to come up with excuses for not going....i don't like big crowds or getting dressed...
  17. loulabelle

    I am such a nasty person

    No one will want to be near me soon im so horrible to everyone shouting and snapping all the time. I dont mean to i really shouted at my sister eRlier and i keep snapping at my mum I hate this me Sjould go home and hide in a ball
  18. RainbowHeartz

    shouted at by a stanger

    Um yeah walking and coming in the opposite direction ROAR Actually dont know what was said as was listening to music But he looked angry and was shouting something at me... RANDOM maybe he knows me and i annoyed him in the past.. idk
  19. D

    laughing and feeling depressed.

    I cant remember how long i have been doing this for, but say for example at work, im rushing to do a job, i start sort of laughing, or some times outcry argh! The other day i was in the kitchen, and i started to think of an uncomfortable event that happened to me recently and i started this...
  20. L

    take ya anger out on me

    im a bad person desirve punishment neeeeeed to be treated badly hurt shouted at put down...... so hear i am attake me or sumthing :(