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  1. letmein

    not safe

    shout out anyone around? I'm in a mess.. everything has just hit me, I'm not sure what to do.
  2. vanish

    Do you see me?

    I feel like I am slipping away off the edge where Asher, the redman and the Others live. These are all entities my psychiatrists try to tell me aren't real, except in my own mind. I know nobody sees me disappear. I put a shout out for help but nobody heard or saw a thing. Thank you for letting...
  3. P

    I'm self harming and i still feel so tense and full on

    I'm self harming now. I am trying not to let it get too bad like I have done the past times I have self harmed lately. But it's like I am needing to do it worse to get the effect as I still feel so tense behind my shoulder blades. It's hard trying to fight a battle which you have lost. It's...
  4. M

    Phobia of loud noises

    I have fear of loud noises, like fireworks, firecrackers, popping balloons, and people who yell and shout!!! You I can resolve this phobia?
  5. D

    to shout or not to shout?

    do you talk back to your voices? does it help I tried doing that and it helped but I cant do that outside the house. and to those that talk to themselves in the street do you even care|?
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    when you hurt someones feelings

    especially someone you love deeply ,do you want them to hurt you so you can forgive yourself? if I hurt somebody I want them to shout at me and hit me because I cant bear ive hurt them and don't feel ok until I hurt as much as I hurt them x
  7. loulabelle

    im struggling to come to turms with it

    ahhhhhhhhhh FFS i think im struggling to come to turms with bipolar and mood swings im so unhappy i just want to cry and scream and shout IVE HAD ENOUGH !!!!!!!!
  8. E


    I need to vent, but I can't I need to shout, but I can't I need to understand, but I don't I need answers, but there are none I feel stifled I feel angry
  9. tigerfish

    I can't handle anymore!!

    Everything is going wrong, everything upsets me and i feel like s***! I can't take anymore! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! Im sorry, i've got to do this or im quickly going to completely lose the plot any minute now!! I want to scream, shout and cry and thump something very hard and very painful! I am so...
  10. B

    Say here what you can't say to someone / Get something out of your head

    Say here what you can't say to someone / Get something out of your head I saw this type of thread on a few over forums, and they were really popular and couldn't see one here, basically just post things you want to say to people or just stuff you want to get off your chest :) I'll start "I...
  11. J

    Do you ever want to shout from the rooftop?

    I do. I want to scream something from the rooftops but she won't let me. Its like I've got this itch inside and the only way to scratch it is to shout it from the rooftop! She keeps telling me not to do it, not to tell anyone. She says if anyone finds out they'll be jealous and do whatever they...
  12. piglet

    Dentist in half an hour

    Got to go to the dentists in a bit, really not looking forward to it. I've not brushed my teeth properly in ages (can't stand anything that isn't food or drink going in my mouth) and I have lost a filling. I just know she is going to shout at me and get annoyed when she tried to put horrible...
  13. tigerfish

    be nasty to me!

    anyone out there who needs to shout and scream? well im here and want you all to be as nasty as you want??? don't ask me why? just do it if you want to? :doh2:

    A real man........

    Always keeps his head held high despite having obscenities shouted at him from the minority of the population, either through their own spiteful nature, or incoherant mindset in the thoughts that no matter how much they may spit, swear, shout at him. He will never become like them as life has...
  15. T

    its offical where is bulbie?

    ok guys havnt seen bulbie for ages, has anyone heard from her, is she ok, bulbie if you round shout out thinking on ya girl tecno
  16. X

    A shout out - mainly to type II sufferers but what the hey,

    Reet, the last time I had a hypomanic experience was April last year. First one I ever had to be honest. Now, I've been told that hypomanic experiences usually result from months if not years of depression and f--k me High School was mostly a horrible experience for the best part. Not to...
  17. S

    Hearing shouting, screaming, crying & constant whispering

    I think I must be completely insane. I didn't even know this forum was here and I've been struggling with voices almost constant with only very short breaks here and there for years. I've been so frightened of talking about it properly. The main reason why is because they try and prevent me...
  18. L

    Is Anyone From Bolton!

    Please give me a shout! Lonely isolated, Bipolar chick!
  19. keepsafe

    Really Bad

    Well I just phoned the samaritans for all of 2 minutes to be confronted bu someone who sounded like they didn;t give a damn about whether I was going to throw myself under a train or not - what to do now??? I know don;t shout - just do it you stupid cow I feel really like I want this all to...
  20. S

    Does this sound like a recognizable illness?

    My mum has had frequent bouts of “blind rage” throughout my childhood. I’m in my late 30’s now, but it started when I was about 8. During these rages she would scream and shout at me or my brother, and often hit us too. On one occasion she tried to strangle me. These rages would occur very...