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  1. Zardos

    Having A Much Better Day

    Last night i did my usual trick and took a bunch of pills.. So i went to bed fairly early... The first alarm woke me at 6:30 this morning and i felt... Better... Well calm and not to crazy... So i began to drink Coke, take pills and smoke cigarettes.. by the time 8am came around i was wide awake...
  2. L

    Please help me?

    I got told I suffer from PDSS and I regularly snap at people and cannot deal with other peoples issues I also have ADHD and maybe other undigonsed issues my mirtazepene that I take stops me getting agitated when I wake up but during the day I can have issues going out and to shops I don't know...
  3. RainbowHeartz


    i hardly leave my flat and get a friend to run to the shops for me now. my anxiety is bad
  4. A

    Newbie here!

    Hi I'm Aunty Bee, 37 yrs and I live in Caerphilly, S Wales. I live with my family and suffer from clinical depression, severe social anxiety, gad and ibs! That's enough I think! lol. :mrgreen: I have 2 nephews who call me Aunty Bee, hence why I chose that particular user name. :)My...
  5. skitzofrantik

    flirting with the devil

    went to sleep in a shity mood and woke pretty much the same, for some reason oh wanted something from my bedside draw so after a rumage i was shocked to discover what a wee horder i am, found a a-z of stashes:rofl: prob quite warped to some but has really picked my mood up and i suppose i know i...
  6. Weasel

    Do you go out everyday ?

    I live near a busy main road , where there is lots of cafe's, takeaways and shops, so I pop out everyday Except tomorrow, I'm waiting in for a parcel delivery so iv'e got everything in.
  7. loneshadow

    Good Scar Removal creams/oils anyone? :(

    anyone know any good scar creams or oils? ive tried bio-oil but its useless, summer is coming and ive very bad self-harming scars on my arms,and i get so fed up having to look in shops and think oh i cant wear that cos it has short sleeves, even if it just fade any advice how to cover them...
  8. mrlaurel

    morning all....

    hi guys and gals, how we all doing? I've had abetter night sleep and feel around a4.5 on the ogdenometer so better than yesterday (for now) any plans for the day? I have to pop out to the shops later but could just as well stay home.... can't be arsed to get dressed........ stan :salut:
  9. X

    got docs tomorrow. Nervous =(

    Really not looking forward to it. went to docs about 2 years go about me being depressed fair enough i was VERY suicidal back then and it wasnt delt very well. Scared it would happen tomorrow again. i fricking hate telling people whats wrong with me person to person. i dont even know how im...
  10. T

    is anyone afraid of new situations

    i went to candle party 2nite and only because i only ken'd two people and it was a new house. i was quiet and scared, i am not like this when i am with my friends. it now means i dont go to new houses and if i do i am very uneasy i wont go out to the shops unless i ken it or wen i am with...