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  1. C

    strange visual disturbances

    I have BPD and depression. I have recently been experiencing sensations that something is running across the floor and like shooting wavy clear lines a bit like rain. Could this be hallucinating or dissociation. Confused:(
  2. BigAma

    What your dream career?

    What's your dream career? What career are you shooting for or what hobby are you shooting for? But more importantly what career should I be in? Don't be too cruel!
  3. N

    Ive been faking my compulsions all along?

    I have been suffering from what I believe to be ocd for about 5-6 months. It's a fear that I'm going to commit a mass shooting and also school shooting. It's a constant thing at the back of my mind. I feel evil and I hate it. I often get convinced I want to do it and feel homicidal even though...
  4. Lincoln1990


    I know I've only been online and not posted and I'm sorry. I've only checked and seen if I have any PMs. I've been a bit busy with support groups (two of them!) and new therapist who I see twice a week. He's a male but we are not talking about the sexual abuse at the moment. I dont feel...
  5. pepecat

    Request for potential participants for a documentary on BPD.

    Please note this has been approved by the mods. Dear All, My name is Maximiliano Braun (you can call me Max) and I am a reportage photographer and film maker. I am producing a documentary and photographic reportage on BPD with the aim to help audiences understand it better and help with the...
  6. A

    My brother Tommy is so broken, that no amount of therapy can help. It's tragic!

    My brother Tommy is so broken, that no amount of therapy can help. It's tragic! He witnessed something really awful when he was just three years old and its damaged him immensely, he saw my mother gunned down in a gangland shooting. He turned into a disturbed child setting fires around town...
  7. H

    Suicidal thoughts....Shooting pains in chest....tingling under skin

    Saw care coordinator yesterday....let everything out helped a little at the time she said am putting too much pressure on myself......today feeling awful :-(. Rooms spinning.....tingling/crawling sensation under skin...shooting chest pains....suicidal thoughts and plans. Taken...
  8. mygirl1uk

    Does anyone else suffer.

    Does anyone else suffer with jaw pain cause by clenching teeth or grinding teeth. The pain is a shooting pain but becoming more regularly and more painful.
  9. FallenAngel

    Boing Boing Boing

    Yesterday evening was full of randomness and just forceful happiness. All inspired and created by me. I went on Plenty of Fish hoping I would fall in love or something. Didn't create an account. Just surfed. Why I have no idea. It seemed like a good one at the time. Not content with that I...
  10. prairiechick

    Spiralling Down Really Bad

    Feeling like my life just isn't worth living anymore. In spite of being on 2 anti-d's and a mood stabilizer, I still keep hitting these lows. I know it's partly situational, but there's no sign of that improving any time soon either. I've lost my most important support network and most of my...
  11. T

    Anger outbursts

    i 'm new to all this and honestly dont want to appear to be looking for sympathy or am wollowing in self pity because im not, but i have researched for years trying to make sense of why i have this anger bubbling away under the surface,just simmering, waiting to explode.I have not had an easy...
  12. mrlaurel

    lots of suicide thoughts :O(

    my head is full of them the last hours shooting here and there..... :mad:
  13. P

    ECT -who has experience?

    Hi there, my psychiatrist and I have been talking about ECT for a while now and she wants me to try it. She has gone over the procedure with me, explained the changes from back in the days until today, etc. But of course I'm a little hesitant when it comes to my brain and shooting electric...
  14. F

    After Soteria House Shooting Victim Dies, Questions Remain

  15. T

    what is going on?

    i feel totally different to the real me. i keep gettin this rush of butterflies shooting up, its like being so excited but for no reason, i feel nervous excited scared. feel like im tripping.