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  1. N

    so angry and pissed off

    Well I finally get my dla appeal through and I'm not getting it, though what shocks me is half the pages of the report are not about me but about another man.
  2. W

    Hi all I'm new here!

    Hi all, I'm sort of new to this forum, haven't been on for over a year. I'm wobbly, 34 and have s/h'd since the age of 8. I had a few years free of it between the ages of 21 and 30 but its back now, to stay by the seems of things. I also hear voices, which tell me to do it which really doesn't...
  3. J

    Electric shocks up my back and arms

    Hello all can anyone help in the medical profession. I had a serious nervous dreakdown just over 2 years ago , At the time my partner was getting me anti depressants (citalopram ) Sleeping tablets for 2 hours sleep a night and cocaine and vodka . With this mixture at the time i was having...