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  1. M

    Sertraline cold turkey

    Has anyone ever gone cold turkey with Sertraline? I did it so that I could focus on just taking the CBD oil. Felt fantastic ish for the first few days, I could go out I felt good. (Something that Sertraline did not help me with) I stopped cuz I was feeling worse. I’m getting what I can only...
  2. yellows

    Phone call dwp

    I just had a phone call from DWP saying I am no longer entitled to ESA no more after being in the support group since changing over from income support he said my money stops from today. I am in total shock and not sure what to do how am I going to live and pay the bills??. Please can someone...
  3. fazza

    Back in the real world out of hospital

    i am out of hospital and i am now no longer ill. I am back on my old haloperidol depot feeling much better. I had never been sectioned before and it was quite a shock but thank god it did not last long. Clozapine failed because my white count went to low.
  4. T

    Crawling in my skin

    Not doing great hit a depressive slump It's a shock because I've been happy for ages. I quit smoking for 8 months and started again yesterday But hey I felt like drinking and I didnt. It's physical I can feel pain like my spirit has been broken. Voices are so critical The main one they said is...
  5. N

    A Little Incident Happen at home - parents just returned from shopping

    Hi Folks, My parents hadn't not long returned back, to home, from shopping, and just as he was about to get into home, there's a step within the Porch setting, he slippped, my father, nothing serious internally, thankfully he has a graze on his knee. Over the past 20 years I have seen and...
  6. N

    A Shock To My System/Hear Voice

    Hi All, Unfortunately, I haven't not long had a shock to my system happen. We were in the kitchen, down ready to be served for the evening meal. In the meantime, mum was taking out the main course, from the oven. All of the sudden, and we felt what was tha t; turned, or rather I knew...
  7. S

    Feeling a bit sad. *TRIGGER*

    I have just heard that a member I know from another forum committed suicide on Tuesday. I had known her for seven years. I am in total shock and feel really sad about it. She was such a lovely lady.
  8. I

    what a shock

    Well its not really depression just had to post somewhere me and a friend went out to a restaurant yesterday both had a drink soft y working friend when finished hers asked to have some of my drink and i mean a lot instead of buy a new one and as it was really hot day I got a shock I felt it...
  9. madfryer

    electroconvulsive is coming back is it a good idea

    i think actually its not such a bad idea doctors are using it for depression instead of using a lot of drugs a trade off and dont they use something similar to start the heart up and lastly when i first started hearing voices the first thing i did was go to the ouija board as to why and what...
  10. I

    I can't cope anymore

    I would like to thank you to the kind people who replied to my other post. Unfortunately emotions were running high whilst being drunk and I was admitted to hospital on Saturday morning. Luckily I was not there for long, I don't remember much but was treated for mild hypothermia?! Anyway, things...
  11. P

    Self harming as we speak

    Well I'm self harming. I sent out a few messages to friends just saying hello etc and said to myself I would stop when one got back but unsurprisingly no one has. It's not a shock I feel I have no friends and the ones I do have are doing their own things that the last thing they need is for me...
  12. B

    Newbie diagnosis change

    Hi new to the boards. Have just been diagnosed as schizoaffective.havd a prevous disagnosis of bipolar 1 . Not to much a shock at all. On quetiapine,lithium and haldol. Still in crisis but only just started the haldol. Hello to you all :)
  13. L

    Conspiracy theories

    My Dad has been obsessed with conspiracy theories and turned increasingly religious since my grandmother passed away, more than 3 years ago. He now sees an invisible hand closing in on our family - and traces every death in our family (all seem natural to me) to these forces. I try to tell him...
  14. cpuusage

    Shock, Mutilate and Poison: The Medical Mission

    Shock, Mutilate and Poison | Dr. David Healy
  15. Bunnythecat

    Hi, anyone with FND?

    Hi, new to the forum. I have been ill with neurological symptoms for over a year and I am currently being investigated for MS, but I was told last night that it is unlikely MS, very likely FND. In some ways I found this more frightening than an MS dx, I don't consider myself to be stressed...
  16. cpuusage

    Great sorrow is a blow to the whole physiological as well as psychological being

    Great sorrow is a blow to the whole physiological as well as psychological being When there is sorrow it is a great shock to the nervous system, like a blow to the whole physiological as well as psychological being. We generally try to escape from it by taking drugs or drinks or through every...
  17. mrlaurel

    target adverts......... the best yet :O)

    ECT this was at the top of my page just.... made me smile........ shock yourself better!
  18. N

    Severe panic state post flu with fever

    Hello, I'm 23 years old ,my case is severe and non tolerated it's been 5 days like this, although I've had tons of full blown attacks through out life where they end with total body numbness so that when I stand up I can't feel pressure of bones holding me which gives a death feeling , I'm now...
  19. F

    Bring back Flurothyl ?

    Shock Therapy | Psychology Today
  20. Angels_Fire

    I'm an idiot...

    ... To think that I could do this, any of it, I'm very low and fragile right now. I SH'd, I never do that, my alter does, but it was actually me, I did this to myself, why did I, me... Why did I do it?? I don't understand, I didn't know what else to do, I did it, I did this, I never do it, I'm...