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  1. Deadheading

    I tried ending my life yesterday

    But I failed. Minor injuries. Back to the same old shite. I warned and I meant what I said. I was prepared to end my life.
  2. S

    I just feel so sad :(

    Hi you lovely people, I've tamed my message down because I don't want to bring you down, just feeling shite, miss my ex like mad, am a bit drunk and want a friend really x
  3. piglet


    I was just wondering if anyone has been dx with fibro? The person I see at the pain clinic thinks I might have it as I seem to show all the classic symptoms (isn't ready to say for definite yet as she says my situation is complex). I'd be interested to hear from other people with fibro as all...
  4. C

    Take the Meds, Don't Take the Meds, Love the Meds Hate the Meds!!

    Well here I am back on the bipolar merry go round, I loved my meds, I took them, then I felt flat and then depressed, then I decided I hated them, then I stopped taking them, then I went high, then I felt a bit scared, now I am taking them again but in a rather haphazard fashion. Appointment...
  5. blacktulip


    Well saw my Cpn today and spent most of the appointment listening to her tell me what a shower of shite mental health services are, what with all the government changes. She said there is NO support, said EVERYONE that was put on the waiting list for Psychotherapy has been turned down, i asked...
  6. S

    Feeling so shite

    Just fancied letting the world know how shite I currently feel. The new meds are draining me, wearing me down, plus I've dropped down like a thud from a high & am feeling low. God I feel so horrible, I just want to sleep the time away.:low:
  7. T

    It's a new dawn, it's a new day!

    Morning peeps, The sun is out here, what about where you are? I have my friends wedding tonite. I have put fake tan on and i have left a tidemark round my hair line lol arghghg. I woke up feeling ok, but have since dipped. Why is that??? What is it that tells you "No you actually feel...
  8. C


    I cut my hair,I'm to scared of hairdressers so I did it myself.I'm impulsive very impulsive my hair was past my shoulders now its a wonky bob! Oh fuck :( well maby ppl will not look at me now I'm even uglier...dunno if its a good or bad thing but its done I wanted to make my hair better so I...
  9. loulabelle

    why are the evenings so hard

    does anone find that the evenings are harder ??? i tend to struggle more in the evenings i think i have doen to much other the last 2 days and its lead to me feeling like crap again i was feeling shite anyway but i feel really shite again ive been in my PJ all daya nd didnt get up until like...
  10. M

    A Gentle Come Down???

    Hey peeeeps. Right. well after a couple of days of having on and off low moods, I have no shot up sky high. O gosh its an amazing feeling. Just spent about an hour and a half listening to daft happy music and dancing round the house. Now.... I was out of it for a bit with the whole happy thing...
  11. T

    stress = low mood

    ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whenever i get a few days of stress i just cant handle it. I used to work full time and have the kids and the house to look after and get stressed but be fine. now if it builds up at all i start feeling like shite. i just get...