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  1. Mr.NiceGuy

    Notes from the ship

    voices saying they are officers of the law and that they are taking me into captivity to rape me!!! They control people with authority given to them by rape and captivity. Making them the lowest type of human there is in my mind. Hallucinations time and time again don't check out, as the real...
  2. N

    Indirectly on ship - aslight gliche

    Hi Folks, Natalie here, based upon London UK time, I happened to have had a lot of anxiety problems last night, round about 7pm, the captain of the ship, made annnouncement, and although we weren't the ones having a problem, we had to offer our assistance, as we were the nearest, boat, and in...
  3. E


    So I have pretty much been a loner my hole life. I have been diagnosed with social phobia. Anyway, I have a hard time understanding people who say they are your friend yet they never call you, never ask or invite you to do anything. How does this constitute friend ship. Empty Silence
  4. M

    Anxiety is making me not want to go on holiday!

    So me and my boyfriend have a cruise booked for November and I was just going through all my outfits and I can't stand looking at myself in them! I know it sounds so petty but I feel horrific and it makes me wonder why he's even with me, I know when I get on the ship I'm not going to want to...