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  1. I

    Volunteering to work

    Hi all. What do you all think about volunteering to work? This year one of my goals is to volunteer at the local animal shelter. If they like me enough and I like it there enough, I am thinking about applying for a part time job there. I still want to keep my s.s.i. benefits and medical benefits...
  2. pepecat

    Branching out - forest walks and outdoor activities in Scotland

    Branching Out - Forestry Commission Scotland 'Branching Out is an innovative development for adults who use mental health services in Scotland. For each client, the service consists of around three hours of activities per week in a woodland setting, over 12 weeks. Activities are adapted to...
  3. M

    Council Housing and homeless application

    Hi everyone. Hoping someone on here has been through similar and can help with advice. I have generalised anxiety disorder, depression and possibly bipolar. I've been registered with my local councils housing register for four years under Band C for no priority. This year they asked me to fill...
  4. E

    Scriptures that I've Found Helpful

    I read the Bible for every sort of thing. These are some scriptures that I found that helped me cope better. (Unless otherwise stated, all quotes are from the New World Translation 2013 Revision) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2...
  5. R

    losing it.

    Just need to type. Get it off my chest. Ok.. I'm on a slippery slope and need to get help. Before I'm in too deep. I'm self destructive, I feel I deserve bad things to happen to me. I started conflict with a complete stranger today - I'm just looking for trouble. I'm full of hatred. Even my...
  6. pepecat

    Learning to think for ourselves.

    http://psychologytomorrowmagazine.com/learning-to-think-for-ourselves/ Learning to think for ourselves Alyssa Siegal Many clients come to counseling expecting therapists to give them the answer – to tell them what to do about a particular problem or symptom. They also often want to know what’s...
  7. C


    Hi! I'm new (obviously). My wife suffers from anxiety/depression and it's made worse by alcoholism. What's frustrating is that she knows she has a problem but she doesn't change. It's been years of dealing with this and trying to shelter our kids. I'm mostly looking for ideas or suggestions on...
  8. Gajolene

    Is Abilify a good med for BPD

    Our friend is here once again, looking for shelter and considering it, is self medicating and has been on a few meds. Is abilify a good med for BPD. I'm thinking not. Help what meds are best for bpd.
  9. pepecat

    Letter to a husband who killed himself 30 days ago.

    Found this today and thought it was worth a read. Posted in the Huffington Post In the End, There Is Only Room for Love | Poorna Bell My dear husband, It has been nearly 30 days since you held the spark of your life between your hands and pressed them shut. Since then, I have been trying...
  10. M

    Running away

    I've decided I'm going to be a proper chicken and run away somewhere, take the dog with me and end up where I end up. Don't worry I will make sure I have enough funds to be able to have shelter for the Dog and myself. I wouldn't do that to the Dog. Not going to tell anyone where I am, except to...
  11. K

    started 'good works', and still remain Non Plussed......

    So, off went all bright eyed and bushey tailed so to speak no monies in and off to voluntary work, well you know how us Bi-polars are a bunch of anal retentive plauges on society that can't earn a living right? SO off to the Voluntary sector I goes..... hmmmmmmm hmmmmm ok reminds me of when...
  12. delatext

    How can you tell me you're lonely

    This is so sad and authority is so dreadful Transport for London razes homeless woman's shelter | Society | The Guardian :thumbdown: