1. docbrown2015

    Please help me

    I keep having to wash my bed sheets. and take showers, when I bring my sheets back in my room, and if I think they touch anything along the way, I have to wash them again and shower and I can't stop! I have a fear of fiberglass insulation ans think it's everywhere. my life is being consumed...
  2. Girl Interrupted

    Self-help worksheets

    I have found some useful links to worksheets for those utilising such self help methods. The following link has all manner of worksheets, one would be spolit for choice......... It has a panic diary, emotion regulation sheets, DBT worksheets, problem solving worksheets, the perfection scale...
  3. FootedPJs

    CBT vs DBT

    Anyone tried both of these? Know where I can get some work sheets? Which one works best with a borderline?