1. J

    Depressive Psychosis

    Hey all, My name is J, I'm new to the forum. I'm looking to hear of some other people's experiences with psychosis as a result of severe depression. If any of you have stories and experiences to share, please comment. I've been experiencing depressive psychosis for a little while now and I'm...
  2. J

    How to not feel alone in the struggle

    Hi, I recently joined the Forum, and I'm excited to find others to share with and learn from. One of the biggest struggles with OCD is how alone I feel with the disease. My loved ones know I have it, but they don't understand it. Some choose not to know, and others show a passive interest when...
  3. B

    Does anybody else share their body with another being?

    Hi iv just joined this is my first post. As part of my personality disorder I share my body with a wolf-like creature. He takes control of my body when I feel threatened or really anxious. Does anybody else share a similar experience? I feel so alienated and lonely and misunderstood and I find...
  4. Firefly77

    Hi there, noob here!

    Hello everyone, I’m happy to have found this forum! I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for years, as far back as I can remember and I’ve been recently been diagnosed with BPD and looking back on my life I can see it started way back in grade school. Anyway, I feel incredibly...
  5. A

    scared and alone

    I was abused by my brother and syestepdad. My exhusband was ababusive too. I have CPTSD. I've been I panic attacks. Awful flashbacks. It's really hard to share about these things. Sorry.
  6. T

    Hi all.

    Hi everybody. I hope all is ok. It's been quite some time since I last posted on here, but wondered if It would be ok to share a few things with you all to see if we can amass an answer for me. Thanks. Tim
  7. P

    Looking for Cyclothymia Support Group

    Hi All, I am newly diagnosed with cyclothymic personality disorder. While glad to have finally figured out that what I have has a name, I am having a hard time finding others with it to share understandings. Any help out there? Thanks.
  8. V

    Hi! I'm "back"

    Hello all, I'm a 35 year old girl with bpd. Got diagnosed in 2009, after having been depressed for years. Had therapy which helped a lot and left me thinking that I had conquered it. In a way I think I had indeed, but having been single all the time since I came out of it, I didn't really get...
  9. T

    How can we cope?

    As someone who has struggled anxiety their whole lives. I have recently decided to do some research on how people cope with their anxiety. Does anyone care to share their personal coping ways? I rely heavily on reassurance from friends and family. Please share, i have also created a survey to...
  10. D

    Ever believed that you were the messiah ?

    I am curious to find out if anyone on this forum has ever believed that they were the messiah at any point in their lives ? And if so if they would be willing to share their experiences either in public or in private. Many thanks in advance.
  11. A

    Hoping to share and support others like myself

    Hi everyone, I’ve suffered from anxiety, depression, self harm and a suicide attempt. Last year everything came to a head after 25 years of suffering in silence and I took a large overdose. The medication I took should have taken me. I had researched and knew that a far lower dose had...
  12. X

    where would I post about sexual abuse

    I'm not sure where to post about sexual abuse. It's a issue I have between me and my friend I just wanted to share so I don't feel so stuck on my own
  13. S

    hey everybody I have recently been diagnosed

    I recently was diagnosed with bipolar AND generalised anxiety disorder which has paralysed my life this year. Just wanted to introduce myself to this forum. I wrote a more complete intro on the "introductions" forum if you want to scope me out. I mainly just want to make some connections with...
  14. J

    Have You Learned Something From Your Illness?

    Hey People. : ) (I haven't posted for several months however it's wonderful to see all you Guys again.) I was just wondering have you learned something (positive) from your illness … And would you be willing to share it? Cheers.
  15. G

    Other's like me

    Hello, I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder over 10 years ago but "recovered" quickly and studied for a Master's degree overseas which I received. I then went on to working for a top NGO in Asia and managed a project in three counties, making the news in two of them. I was...
  16. LucyInTheSkyWithDiamonds

    Hi there

    Hi everyone. This is my first post. It seems like a nice forum and I'm hoping to find kind people here that I can share my thoughts with :)
  17. hopefulthinking

    Thought broadcasters!!!

    Hello there fellow broadcasters. At the moment I'm trying to figure out why and how this is happening? I know there's probably a lot of people in the same boat as I am. And there has to be something we all have in common. I'm not sure what it is but I want to ask anybody or everybody some...
  18. M

    OCD and Blasphemous Thought: How Jesus Christ Saved My Life

    Hello everyone, I four years ago I was in a very dark place. I went to a mental health professional where I was diagnosed with OCD (scrupolosity). Where I would have blasphemous thoughts.
  19. sallyp

    Greetings cards that actually say how you really feel

    My friend made this and I wanted to share it with you all They sell cards that say how you really feel What do you think?
  20. G

    Recovering from bullying/ostracism

    I wanted to start this thread so everyone that wants to could share one or some experiences they've had that started their depression or social anxiety. I have had a very hard time socially through life. Let me share a few of mine. I got bullied and left out all through elementary school but my...