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  1. S

    Physical effects of anxiety

    Hello, this is my first time posting. I'm really hoping someone can advise me! out of the blue i was hit with severe OCD and anxiety in January of this year. i was put onto sertraline which has helped, however i am still getting the physical symptoms really badly. I constantly shake, so much so...
  2. S


    Hi, this is my first post and I have this terrible feeling over me right now. Im in a music studio with about a dozen people and I feel my who body shaking. I haven’t said a word or moved since they started a few hours ago. I’m trying to stay calm and breath, but my heart is racing. I’m actually...
  3. E

    Anxiety attack worries

    Ive always strugglrd socially and been scared around new people, especially when experiencing new things. But I went for a run for the first time at my local gyms track and I saw other people running and got nervous, my hands starting sweating and i was shaking really bad as well as losing my...
  4. A

    Shaky/Jittery muscles 24/7 for the last 2 months

    Hey everyone! This has been going on for 2 months now. Had blood tests and an MRI, both came clear. My neurologist recommended me to have some thyroid tests as well, but she said I was fine and it might be anxiety. Basically I woke up one day 2 months ago and my muscles started shaking whenever...
  5. M

    Anxiety. Heartburn and stomach issues

    I've know there has been something wrong with me for a long time now, I always thought it was more than just anxiety. I now believe I suffer from social anxiety. I pretty much have all the symptoms apart from the physical shaking etc. (Mostly intrusive thoughts) I really suffer with unexplained...
  6. N

    Shaking - Anxiety (I have raynoulds also) and Fluoxetine

    HI Folks, I am just discovering this evening, and I was holidng my energy tablet, my hand wasn't hardly shaking, nor my index and thumb fingers. Now, I wonder, whether if the Fluxoetine can be in fact for counteracting anxiety, and I also had a hot cooked meal this evening, on the anxiety...
  7. 6User_Name9

    Strange shaking and dizziness

    For a while now I’ve had a few almost constant symptoms, but they get worse when I’m nervous or stressed. One is brain fog. I always feel really hazy. Dizziness and lightheaded ness go along with this.sometimed when I’m at a store I worry that I will faint because it is so bad. I also shake...
  8. J

    Really bad last few days

    Hi, Ive suffered from panic attacks now for just over a year. I have in the last 3 days had a sudden onset of irrational panic. I constantly feel like im going to collapse and i have full body shaking a lot. I have been off my food because i feel like im just going to throw it back up. It would...
  9. C

    Need help :(

    I've been away from here for a little while as I've been so busy with work etc. and to be honest I thought I was getting better. I thought I was OK. But tonight I've literally felt myself plummeting. I've felt fed up, worn out and upset for no reason - as if something really awful has happened...
  10. Linda1989

    When someone makes me upset I can't breath

    I START shaking and hearing voices in my head, I think i need to go back on my meds
  11. L

    Shaking furniture

    Hi I have schizoaffective disorder and I feel the furniture shaking like a door being slammed hard and don't know what to do as I am the only person that feels it and I don't wantthink to worry them xx
  12. Kerome

    Osho kundalini meditation

    I have been experimenting with this as a technique for loosing up the kundalini and maybe shaking a few things loose, getting rid of some voices and so on. The first time was... Interesting... And I may well continue a few times to see how it does. It's really very physical which means it...
  13. amathus

    Some symptoms of Anxiety

    Some symptoms of Anxiety: Symptoms of anxiety People often experience physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms when they feel anxious or stressed. Some of the most common physical symptoms of anxiety are: Increased heart rate Increased muscle tension “Jelly legs” Tingling in the...
  14. B

    Addicted - shaking- self harm withdrawal.

    I was self harm free for 20 months and unfortunately have fallen back into it again- not as severely but the regularity is daily. I thought if I didnt do it today it would be easier not to do it tomorrow - only thing is tho I'm shaking like mad and convinced it's because I've gone to bed...
  15. D

    Shaking from big anxiety- way to stop it?

    I was on meds that werent working for me. Recently my doctor changed my therapy, but until it works, do you have any solution to stop shaking- I am taking beta blockers but I am still shaking,feeling a pain in my chest,feeling cold, feeling without oxygen- it is really unconfortable. Does anyone...
  16. K

    Too much on my plate

    I am so burned out right now. I constantly feel like I am shaking inside. My nerves stay off the chart all the time. My job is driving me crazy.I go to work literally shaking all the time. Its gotten to the point that I spend my every waking minute stressing about the job. The management is...
  17. Konifera

    Having Anxiety Attack - Need Someone to Talk To

    It'd be nice to have anyway... I can't stop shaking...
  18. The Big Dawg

    When being stopped by police

    I live in London and I have been stopped by police many times. I don't have a criminal recored and neither have I been arrested before. So the last time I got stopped by police for walking in a public place I stood my ground but I felt a panic attack coming on and I couldn't get my words out and...
  19. N

    I have no idea what's going on

    For years I can hear screening, crying, yelling, and voices among other things. I sometimes will feel emotions that I feel are not my own, presences around me when no one is around, kids holding on to my hands when there is nothing, people passing through me or fallowing me like they are lost. I...
  20. Unknown Dude

    Panic attacks?

    I experienced mild panic attack and clinical depression during the last few weeks. And I think it's progressing rapidly. I can't stand any slight voice and even if I hear people arguing I feel tired and my pulse is so high all the day as if I was running. Breathless. I can hear people very...