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  1. E

    Anxiety and bipolar disorder

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum since I've recently have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I am taking lithium and started having hand shakes and very unreasonable and unexpected anxiety. While hand shakes are very well known effect of lithium, the anxiety is not. I was just wondering...
  2. T

    First day on Sertraline and its horrible

    I started on 50mg of sertraline today and have been bombarded by side effects including nauseua, shaking, yawning and tiredness and being really cold. The main issue is with eating. I have no appetite and whenever I try and eat, my mouth sort of shakes making it really hard to eat and I feel...
  3. D

    Heart races and shakes

    Anyone have problems where they feel like they are going to have a heart attack that heart beating so fast. I get this along with the shakes at times but a lot the last few days. I do get such a fright and swear I will never purge again but as soon as it goes away I'm back doing it. I think...
  4. Lincoln1990


    What can you do for the shakes?
  5. Mister.B

    Empty stomach.

    I'm not on any meds whatsoever, so it's not that but I am shaking quite badly. It's not like unexplainable shakes, it's because I feel cold but it's just all of a sudden cold. I haven't eaten today. Could that be the cause of the coldness and shakes?
  6. Starless

    Anxiety remedies?

    Hi all, I hope everyone's as OK as they can be today Yesterday I had palpatations and the shakes for a few hours, then went on to have two panic attacks even after taking some pericyazine (which I have on a PRN prescription). Again this morning I have the palps and shakes again, and though I...
  7. B

    Hope to get through

    Hi newbe i just wanted if anyone is on LITHIUM 600mg and have the same side affects as me , i have a shaking hand it shakes all the time it drives me mad it has a mind of its own:stomp:
  8. P

    Lithium shakes

    Hey out there, I think those of you taking Lithium know what I'm talking about when I say Lithium shakes. My hands shake so bad that I cannot write and barely type. Is there any remedy that you have found might work? I try to drink as much as possible as my doctor recommended but I still have...
  9. S

    I'm in trouble,..Alcohol

    I'm a recovered alcoholic and as some of you maybe aware,.. last Saturday I held a party and I drank about 3 bottles of wine. I was okish for the first couple of days, until Wednesday came. The severe shakes were setting in and so to settle myself I hit the bottle. I didn't go too ott, but I...
  10. daffy


    Anyone suffered with long term shakes. I dont mean a little one but where its difficult to read a book cos your hands shake so much or you cant get a cup of tea up to your mouth. Even typing is difficult. When I go to bed I have to put my hands under the pillow to try and stop them shaking. Ive...
  11. D

    Lithium shakes

    Hi guys - any idea of how to minimize the shakes you get from Lithium. It's my medication of choice and it's wonderful for me but most days I get a really bad shake that lasts maybe 15 minutes. It's quite violent (I've always been a bit of a tremor person, could paint even at 5 because I can't...