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  1. R

    Sexual abuse by ghost

    The male spirit with the lump on his tummy keeps spunking up in my mouth over and over again. He has raped me. Has anyone else ever been sexually abused by spirits in their body?
  2. C

    When Does It End?

    I am 45 years old, and I still wake up from nightmares and am flooded with memories and intense emotions. When will my nightmare end? How do I get it to stop? I'm already on antidepressants. I tried therapy a few times, and it was completely ineffective. The people who repeatedly beat and...
  3. A

    Visit back home was also being back in the area where my fathers friend who sexually assaulted me as a ten year old lived

    Visit back home was also being back in the area where my fathers friend who sexually assaulted me as a ten year old lived I have got back from visiting my parents today. Whilst i was there i was in the area where my fathers friend and wife live/lived (he is dead now) I had a pleasant time all...
  4. A


    I am angry at my Father who told the man who sexually assaulted me (who was also his friend) how i was doing in my life and what was happening with me. I felt sick every time he told him anything even when i was doing better and had moved away from home when my medication was being reduced as...
  5. A

    I was sexually assaulted then years later the abuser developed Dementia

    I was sexually assaulted then years later the abuser developed Dementia I was sexually assaulted by my fathers friend when we were both visiting his house.He lived with his wife and the assault took place when my father went out of the room to help his wife with something. A (this was my...
  6. A


    I feel angry. I need to tell Wendy that her husband sexually assaulted me and how it had affected me to this day as a adult in their mid twenties. Even after he sexually assaulted me presents from them would be sent at Christmas. I couldn't never really accept or respond as you would normally...
  7. F

    Is a sexually transmitted yeast infection making people mentally ill?

    A sexually transmitted yeast infection has been linked to schizophrenia in men and also appears to damage the memory of mentally ill women, according to new research. The Candida albicans fungus is usually present in the human digestive tract, but if it grows to much it can cause burning...
  8. L

    Why can't I love myself?

    Hello everyone, I have been struggling with depression/anxiety/dissociation symptoms since I was 9, when my whole life changed. It has been 10 years. My father cheated on my mother and we went to the Netherlands from the UK to see her sister when my father sued her for child kidnapping. We...
  9. D

    POCD *Huge trigger warning* Please help

    This is going to probably sound really disturbing, and I was afraid of even posting about it. I've been sexually aroused by rape for the past few years. I'm a 21 year old female, and I've never been raped, but have been sexually molested. I found out last night that my 8 year old niece was...
  10. P

    confused sexually

    Well, the best way to describe this situation is crazy! Basically i am a female and I have always identified as "straight". I can look at another woman and see that she is attractive but I have never had sexual thoughts about them. That is until a week or so ago. I haven't been long out of a...
  11. W

    Memory of acting on POCD urge...

    Hi everyone, as you can tell, I am a new member here. I actually registered because I am going through some rough things now...I just wanted to post this thread quickly bevause i'm so anxious. From when I was 16 to 17 years old, I volunteered with poor kids. I tutored children between...
  12. B

    priority homeseeker, reasonable preference with mental health

    Hey everyone. I have been on the housing list for over a year now. I've started bidding for one bedroom flats. I have been classed as a priority home seeker with reasonable preference. Does the reasonable preference, mean that it will be very rare that i will actually be housed? The council...
  13. The Big Dawg

    Crimes from the past

    So right now I'm just gonna say. I got beat up when I was in care by my foster father "I don't wanna mention his name" When I was in a care home there was a guy who sexually abused a kid in that care home, the kid he abused had severe learning disabilities, he didn't sexually abuse me tho but...
  14. R

    Need some insight and relationship/dating advice

    So kind of embarrassing question for me, it has been asked millions of times but I could not find a satiable answer yet: I am trying to get a girlfriend, for numerous reasons that are much deeper and in depth than just for simple sex, I want someone to love and who will love me. Now so far I...
  15. Gajolene

    CSA related PTSD, Survivors Guilt

    I've had this a while in my files and wanted to share the quoted text as well as the other links below. Also it is normal for young children to be self-oriented. It’s just the natural way children are. The child thinks mostly of how things impact themselves and they try to figure out what to...
  16. T

    Doing good.

    I have two types of voice4s. The voices that are external seem like spirits, they talk and sometimes converse with each other. they totally distract me from what I'm thinking or doing, it can be disorientating. The voices in my head seem very much like telepathy, I know telepathy sounds like...
  17. F

    I don't know what's wrong with me

    I feel weird all the time but I don't know if it's in my head, like I can relax when I'm watching tv but it still feels weird. I took md a year ago and this first happened 2 weeks after I took it I can't explain how I feel but it's just not the same as i usto kinda lyk when I was on drugs.it...
  18. D

    please help

    Hello everyone. This is the first time ive posted on here. Basically i have had very bad depression for about 25 years. Didnt go to doc for many of these years. Finally went met alot of docs who made me feel worse. Been on alot of different meds and seen alot of therapists but never helped. Hate...
  19. nonotme

    maybe a trigger............ SEX

    can anyone explain this to me? I have no idea what it is all about, never have done guess I never will do.. I'm still as mixed up about it as I was nearly 40 years ago, I hate myself and my sexual self, I also hate my pathetic penis. No one would want me sexually so I don't have to worry...
  20. S

    I need help

    Hi friends. ...iam actually writing this for my friend ...she has been diagnosed by a doctor for eupd ..on my view I feel that she used to hurt her self sexually ..how can I conform this other than asking Herr..