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  1. F

    Husband Anxiety and OCD

    Hi, This is a strange one, but what I've learnt about anxiety is that anyone can develop an anxiety to anything. My wife and I for years enjoyed a healthy sex life. She would sometimes come on to me and I would do the same. Until 8 months ago she was diagnosed with viginal erosion. So sex was...
  2. S

    Virginity problem running in the family

    I am a 30 year old American male. My first thread on this forum was written when I was 29, about my fears about turning 30 and being a virgin. Not by choice, not by some sort of religious belief like abstinence, but rather just it happened that way without my wanting it to. I did some research...
  3. Tritagonist


    For a while now, I've been feeling really lonely. It started out as just sexual frustration (I have a very high libido but I'm a virgin/have never kissed anyone) but it's since evolved into a deeper, more emotional frustration. I realised some time ago that I'm simply not cut out for a...
  4. B

    Is having a Love doll healthy for you?

    Hello people. I plan to buy a Love Doll. It's a adult only doll with life like appearance of a human mainly use for sex. Expensive ones have every detail of outside appearance of human, pores, veins, muscle, hair, mole, skin texture, softness, even genitalia Pigmentation and weight looks exactly...
  5. D

    is it possible for a bipolar gets crazy idea and keep doing it?

    hello, i got a friend who was diagnosed with BD2. she turn to 18 years old this year. is it true that she could develop huge urges for shopping and sex during her hypomanic episode? she doing sex for money with strangers or anybody willing to pay her, she keeps wants more money for her to go...
  6. C

    I'm addicted to someone who is terrible for me

    I met someone online a bit over a year ago and he has been pretty terrible for me. At first he acted like he had feelings for me, pictures were exchanged, phone calls were made, promises of visits began, it seemed great. Until I learned that it was actually all a lie and he was just using me to...
  7. V


    Are there more bpd girls that find it extremely hard to talk about sex? Hard to say what you do and don't want? Is that typical for bpd? What makes it so hard? And how to deal with it?
  8. M

    Sex drive

    I'm on antidepressants from 2009, which affected my sexual desires badly, now I'm not sure whether I should consult a concerned doctor or not! Help me please
  9. K

    GAD & Low Libido

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and hoping to learn from others while I share my story. I'm a 43 year old male who had anxiety for as long as I can remember. My anxiety goes something like this; I hate talking on the phone, worry about what others will think of me, fear unknown situations, fear...
  10. sargam

    Sex as Anxiety Buster

    I have been facing anxiety ever since I was a kid , it has increased over the years .Therapy has failed same as the medications and meditation. Sex helped me a lot , however its not a proper cure for the problem. i realized it at an early stage of my life and have been coping up with stress by...
  11. L

    Spirits keep on having sex with me

    Spirits keep having sex with me. They said they can control my arms and legs. I've orgasmed multiple times so I must enjoy it sometimes but other times it pisses me off because I'm not in the mood or they are just totally inconveinent! Does anyone else experiance something similar?
  12. PurpleDaffodils

    Used By Friend for Sex...

    After getting out of an abusive relationship I had been trapped in for years I was beginning to get my footing and my life back. Then I started hanging out with a new friend group who were really awesome including this guy that I wound up liking and didn't realize he also liked me. After...
  13. boudreauj4

    The movie Aardvark

    There is a new movie I saw about a man who has schizophrenia, starring Zachary Quinto, I think the guy who plays Spock in the newer Star Trek movies. It's called Aardvark. I almost stopped watching it at one point in disgust when the therapist had sex with her client's brother, but I kept...
  14. S

    Still struggling.

    Hello everyone, it’s been a while. Currently, I’m on holiday and unable to sleep because of thoughts in my head. I don’t want to bother anyone I’m with since they’re sleeping and I need to let this out! Lately, sex for me has been very difficult. It always feels (to me) like I HAVE to do it...
  15. S

    Looking for advice

    Hi all. Quick history, diagnosed with ocd few years back known have had it for years since I was a kid. Have had severe depression and early this year was put on lactimal/lamotrigine (low dose increasing steadily) with suspected bipolar which isn’t a surprise with the last few years (also...
  16. S

    What's going on?

    What's going on? My life is spread in half, I feel like there are 2 people inside me. My emotional decisions are a total mess. I always tell everyone that I don't want love, I don't need it, I better focus on money, and it's half true. But sometimes, the crave for love hits me. I just came from...
  17. M

    Why do I keep obsessing over sex even though I hate it?

    I hate sex and I want nothing to do with it yet my mind keeps negatively obsessing over it... Why? This is so strange and annoying.
  18. N

    Sex addiction and BPD

    Does anyone have a sex addiction and BPD? Could really use someone to talk to x
  19. S

    sex and hearing voices - statistics...

    i would like to know how many people that hear voices have sex regularly? especially males - well, i am male too. Personally - always in life that i hear voices, their is no sex and this "thing" is trying to find me an inappropriate partner(people) for this - i know this is one of voices...
  20. T

    Sexual intrusive thoughts

    Hey I'm back i was just wondering is it normal for someone's sex life to be a mess because of these thoughts something like worried about having sex invade of the thoughts or can t get hard because your scared of the thoughts is this a normal thing