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  1. A

    The Hidden Danger of Xanax Addiction

    Status Epilepticus! It almost sounds funny, unlike "cancer" for example. And how many of you, Xanax/benzos user have even heard of it? Anyone? I thought so! In November of 2017 I was a Xanax addict but I never considered myself a true "addict". I mean, addicts crave and and shake while they go...
  2. A

    Sertraline-Mirtazapine combination

    I used to love benzodiazepines with passion! Nothing seemed impossible, I could handle anything with a smile on my face. My tower of illusions collapsed in November 2017 with a convulsive status epilepticus episode. I'm 37, thus too old to refuze reality. So my only option were the...
  3. P

    It's me, Pokey

    Hello... I don't know what exactly to day so I'm going off the cuff right now. I should get out if the way the major issues I have. I have severe self esteem issues that dont seem to go away despiteJust recently, yesterday actualy; I tried to hang myself. I don't know what to do with my life
  4. R

    Afraid to take my medicines??

    I have really severe anxiety and panic attacks. I’m having trouble eating and drinking and taking showers. I’m CONSTANTLY in “fight or flight” mode where I’m forcing myself not to call 911 and I feel sick and anxious. I haven’t eaten in 3 days. And I only ate then because my doctor forced me...
  5. F

    First Post - First time admitting self harm

    I am struggling with self harm. In retrospect, I think I have always self harmed, just in a milder, non traditional format. And I have done this because I don't like myself or I want to hurt myself in someway. Now I am 34, almost 35. I have progressed to a more traditional form of self harm...
  6. M

    Is there any real hope for me?

    I've tried various different anti-depressants over extended periods of time with no improvement. There are no medications that I know of that can solve cases of severe physical fatigue. I've read about electroconvulsive therapy that it's only used against severe cases of depression, and to be...
  7. T


    Hello, I was diagnosed with agoraphobia a few years ago. I've gotten alot better, but I tend to fall back into "my comfort zone". I don't have all the typical symptoms of agoraphobia. I don't panic when I have to leave but I do get severe agitation and make life miserable for me and everyone...
  8. H

    Is this related to my severe depression?

    I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. Have since I was in my teens but something new has been cropping up every so often. Occasionally when I'm doing a mundane task such as opening a letter or cutting my toenails, something like that, I suddenly get this feeling like I'm not actually...
  9. F


    Hi everyone. I'm new to all this but need support and advice from you guys as my husband has severe depression and now started self harming
  10. L

    Severe Health Anxiety

    Hi everyone, I suffer with severe health anxiety, particularly around food and the fear of getting infections/allergic reactions. It means I am very fussy with what I eat. I often avoid eating parts of a meal that I consider to be dubious, I have cut out almost all meat, waste a lot of food and...
  11. Ivory_NK

    Severe BPD

    I'm suffering in every way imaginable severe depression mania paranoia insomnia anger constantly living in fear and constantly depressed to top it off theres nothing i love better than numbing my emotions with alcohol, but i become a complete nutcase and recently got out of prison because of...
  12. M

    Hello everyone!

    I'm Meggain and I have very severe health anxiety!...I hope you guys, we can help each other with our fight!
  13. Z

    Does anyone suffer from tinnitus I'm at breaking point but scared

    Scared to goto the Crisis Team (in the UK) incase I get committed into care and I couldn't handle that as people say the hospitals are not very nice places just people going dare I say crazy and zombified anyone else a tinnitus sufferer ? how do you cope mine is severe I've rang Samaritans...
  14. D

    SO has difficulty breaking away from a down

    My significant other has long had severe depression, far worse than mine. What I've always done in a down spiral - and what I've always recommended to him - is to take a step back from whatever's causing the stress, distract myself, and come back to it later if it's important. But he's never...
  15. H

    Depression, Antidepressants

    I’ve not been on here for a while, I struggle with depression, anxiety and PTSD, I’ve battled with suicidal thoughts and self harming in recent months. I started antidepressants but suffered with the associated nausea, I stuck with them as long as possible and then stopped. It seemed to get me...
  16. D

    ECT and nothing

    feeling less of a man right now even doing this but i'm already low and can only go down yeah... bipolar. my diagnosis says 'severe' and they aren't kidding. it is severe because meds don't work, therapy doesn't work, the wards don't work. the last option they're suggesting is shock therapy or...
  17. M

    Fatigue making it impossible to fight anxiety?

    From the age of 5 I have been suffering from anxiety and physical symptoms that I still experience, including unexplainable fatigue, complete emotional numbness, rushes in different parts of the body, acid reflux, and dizziness. I have lots of obsessive intrusive thoughts which keep playing...
  18. B

    Abusive Ex/Child with Severe Anxiety

    Hello, I am just wondering if anyone can relate or offer advice for my situation. I was previously married to a very abusive and manipulative man. The line that he crossed that made me leave (which was almost impossible to do) was to hide cameras around the house, including the bathroom. I...
  19. E

    How do you help someone from severe depression?

    My wife and I have been trying to help our kid cope up from severe depression. He is just 20 years old and he has been through a lot. We already talked to him about the reason why he’s been in so much grief these past few weeks, but we receive no response. He’s not going out from the house...
  20. D

    No stranger to mental illness

    Hello to everyone on this forum, by the way I am new and this is my first post. It's 5:22 AM where I live and it has been another completely sleepless night. I am a 50-year-old male and since I was 12 years old have been diagnosed with severe depression, PTSD, as well as OCD. When I was 11 years...