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  1. letmein

    is it ok to cry

    i can't stop.. anything is setting me off... i really do think I should "exit" I can't do this pain.
  2. S


    have any of you been sexually or physically abused within a mental health setting? i'll leave that one with you for this evening.
  3. M

    Psychiatrists do not take Depression as a serious illness

    Psychiatrist do not want to have appointments with People with Depression ,sure they will use word like clinical Depression in that setting ,and in the Psychiatric ward setting they have a passive interest in prescribing there cocktail of MH drugs for the catatonic patient's ,Mention of Suicide...
  4. blueMandM90

    Struggling with goal/objective setting

    Hey Forum :) Over the many years that my brain has been like it is, I struggle a lot with goal setting for myself. I have no idea what I want in life and it just feels like I am working towards nothing. I think my lack of self esteem contributes to this a lot (I am still very grateful for...
  5. L

    need help coping!!!

    Hi all, So just lately I can feel myself on that slippery slope, thoughts and feelings that I thought I had control over are creeping back in!! I literally have no reason to feel like this, I have a great life, kids, husband, job, have passed all my exams at uni so really should be in top of...
  6. pepecat

    Branching out - forest walks and outdoor activities in Scotland

    Branching Out - Forestry Commission Scotland 'Branching Out is an innovative development for adults who use mental health services in Scotland. For each client, the service consists of around three hours of activities per week in a woodland setting, over 12 weeks. Activities are adapted to...
  7. N

    The sounds of frustration

    i am so bloody frustrated. i just want to yell and twitch about a bit making frustrated sounds. But I can't cause i'm in a stupid mental health setting and if i do what i want they will never let me go so instead i will vent through my fingers... HHNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH
  8. F

    Setting the record straight on antipsychotics

  9. megirl

    coloring in

    Well I had a friend tell me about the adult coloring books so I got myself one and find it quite good but me being me was at times spending hours and hours doing it. I was actually getting addicted to it. So anyway now limiting my time by setting an alarm clock limiting my time otherwise...
  10. Gajolene

    The difference between CBT and DBT

    What’s the Difference Between CBT and DBT? | Psych Central Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most commonly practiced forms of psychotherapy today. It’s focus is on helping people learn how their thoughts color and can actually change their feelings and behaviors. It is usually...
  11. Empty

    A prison sentence but no crime.

    I guess the title could be a little misleading but this is how I feel. I suffer from depression paranoia and anxiety, due to the latter two I haven't left my home in a year. I don't have any friends or family support... the only person I see is my mental health worker..... for a while a could...
  12. E

    Got it in to my head that I'd left the iron on

    Today I went to meet my mum by train, I'd gone about 15 miles in one direction & she'd come about 100 miles in the other direction to meet in the 'middle' (her train does go faster than mine), anyway I got it in to my head that I'd left the iron on, I couldn't remember the precise moment I...
  13. V

    Opening up to therapist or not is the question

    I have seen a number of psychologists through my life and none of them worked out, some quit on me and some I have quit on. The last one quit on me saying he could not get a therapeutic relationship. I get very paranoid and I can't discuss feelings. My psychiatrist then got me a another...
  14. S

    Wanted to say hi

    I'm in the United States and a long time veteran of Bipolar. Haven't participated on a forum such as this in a very long time. I am just so lonesome in my protective little bubble I've constructed around myself but of course I tell myself that I made my own bed by alienating others and/or not...
  15. C


    Basingstoke and Deane First Point Orchard Centre White Hart Lane Basingstoke RG21 4AF 01256 423805 [email protected] At First Point we endeavour to work with you to support you to remain in your own home, access the benefits you are entitled to, manage your finances...
  16. J

    Family again... (Thread will be shown to MH therapist so need some input please)

    Family again... (Thread will be shown to MH therapist so need some input please) Both family members (mother and grandmother) here are so backwards. They have had a very sheltered life and barely any life experience. Unfortunately they are both stubborn and 1 of them owns the house. They live...
  17. Sen

    Should I do it ?

    I'm thinking about making my own youtube videos relating to depression/life experiences etc.I don't know whether or not I should do it or not,I know that I will receive a lot of nasty comments on youtube because of it through.I don't want people to really see my face or anything,so I plan to...
  18. B

    setting up a hearing voices group

    Im thinking about setting up a hearing voices group in my area and wondered if anyone has done this and would be able to give me any advice? thanks
  19. merrida

    HI, having a really tough day

    I had a fight with my daughter today. It was a trigger to my borderline. I haven't had trouble in years and today has been awful. I want to call her and text her until I know everything is ok but I know that will just drive her away. Depression is setting in now. I have to work tomorrow...
  20. apple

    What are Your Tips for Self-Care?

    So far, the following have helped me:- - taking vitamin & omega oil supplements - being on the lowest manageable dose of antipsychotic (to minimise appetite cravings and other side-effects) - setting more boundaries - journaling - seeing a therapist - eating more vegetables What would...