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  1. B

    Is sertraline worth a shot?

    Hi, I have been extremley depressed and anxious for the last 3/4 months, i have tried hypnotherapy, talking to doctors, eating healthy and nothing seems to give me comfort if anything my depression/brain fog has got worse, i am anxious everyday of my life, i get serevely depressed to the point...
  2. S

    Finally went to the doctors

    So, I’ve finally gone to the doctors. Explained how I was feeling and cried at the end (I was mortified). He’s booked me in for counciling next week and prescribed me 50mg of Setraline. Has anyone else got experience with this antidepressant? I’ve done the wrong thing by googling it and people...
  3. L

    Depression during pregnancy

    I'm just wanting to ask has anyone ever taken setraline during pregnancy? I'm really struggling with depression at the moment and finding things difficult. I have to look after my little boy so I can't be ill.. My doctor has said I can start taking a low dose of setraline during pregnancy but...
  4. W

    My Story...

    Hi all I had been living with severe depression and anxiety for probably 15 years without having the guts to speak to someone, the main reason being that my life was seemingly rather normal and I kept it under wraps. When I was 28 my long term girlfriend of 10 years broke up with me, it was a...
  5. intelgal


    So after going back and forth for a while I have opted for a change in meds. Started sertraline. Suffering terrible burning and sickness about 20 mins after taking it . Any ideas ??? Should I ride the storm ??
  6. D

    Just joined here after making the most important decision of my life.

    Hi everyone. I'm 22/m final year uni student from from London. I finally made the decision to start taking antidepressants (Sertraline) after battling with depression and social anxiety pretty much my whole life. I have refused to take them in the past because I wanted to try my very best to...