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  1. L

    No way out

    So.. This year has been the hardest by far. Just as I was starting to feel better & stronger, nudes explicit photos of me were posted everywhere online and sent to practically everybody I know by malicious evil people set out to ruin my life. Every waking moment now I absolutely hate. Constantly...
  2. Hikikomori1979

    Setting Boundaries with your parents

    Im not sure how many people can relate I have an unwell father and my mother is intolerable at the best of times but in terms of how they disrespectful they are Situation 1. wanting to just set me up (NO SETUPS! PLEASE) with complete strangers with no narrative. Their Rationale - wanting...
  3. Chris Walken

    " Danny Dyers Deadliest Men "

    Just watched that shit, on Netflix. Second episode was some former SAS bloke. All completely harmless, bordering on the rather pathetic, really. But, this guys reaction to a certain stimuli fucking set me off. Now, I'm physically twitching and jerking. Bloody nearly muscle spasms! Feel a...
  4. S

    Is this related to any phobia or mental disorder?

    Hi all, I set a ringtone on my phone which creeps me out, but in a way I haven't experienced before. It is from the game Simulacra. I didn't act like I am about to state when first hearing the ringtone in game, but when I started using it as a ringtone, the following happens; 1. My eyes begin...
  5. C

    Feels like I am the only one here...

    Posting yet again. Still wondering if this is all real or if I will eventually get bored of it and move on to obsessing about something else. It sure FEELS real. Had an urge just about 10 minutes ago but was able to squash it. The ONLY reason I don't burn something all day long (that sounds...
  6. B

    Need for rules

    Hi I was wondering if anyone else can relate. I've had a few different problems over the years. Socially and mentally. I am realising I need to set myself strict rules to function. For example eating. If I don't absolutely commit to eating meals. I will often skip them. I go through fazes of...
  7. S


    Tick Tock, Minutes pass as vapors nicotine cloud the night. Can’t sleep loaded from vaping, try to sleep need more (or is it some nervous thing?) Can convince of hopelessness or suicide. Is it just an addiction, or maybe more, an ugly set up perhaps. I guess I don’t make any sense, guess I am...
  8. blacksmoke

    Angry Doesnt Cut It

    i am so fking angry in fact i havent got to process stuff as i have just been told some disturbing shocking news. its going to break things. so fortunate to be seeing the counselor tomorrow. it could set me back big time. just what the fk :panic::scared::( i just cant find the words rage is...
  9. Kerome

    Keeping the light of courage in your life

    I had a dream last night where I encountered a glowing ball of golden light, and it said to me "this is not a coincidence. Courage!" Before merging with my chest and leaving me with a wonderful feeling of confidence and courage. It struck me afterwards in the morning how important the quality...
  10. C

    Fighting Relapse

    This past year, my depression had been less severe, which had enabled me to begin to rebuild my life. The problem is that I was badly ill with the flu for over three weeks this month, and now I'm deeply depressed again. I no longer want to do all those things I had set as goals for this year...
  11. P


    Oh fellow schizophrenics hear me… My voices always claim that they are spiritual and that they have some sort of spiritual enlightenment and this is how they are able to achieve this particular obscene power. This is what I explained to them… Before I begin I want to frame this, I've encountered...
  12. G

    Odd question on voices

    Those of you who give yourself a set time with your voices, what do you do in that time with them?
  13. W

    DBT. Works?

    I'm diving head first into DBT after BPD diagnosis. In my iop I can't stand it. It's like daycare. I tell my clinician that I would rather do the exercises on my own. I feel like he agrees that that's a good idea. New to it. Seems like it would be helpful. Especially one on one with my...
  14. S

    My wife is leaving

    So here it goes.my wife and I have been together 11 years.been married 3 1/2.I'm 39 she's 32.she has had major depressive order since before I knew her.she was completely broken when I met her in college.substance and alcohol abuse,promiscuity and a past suicide attempt .I was fresh out of the...
  15. Heart_moon

    Tarot Cards - which ones do you own, which ones do you use ?

    I own & occasionally use Titiana's tarot cards Tarrot card WARNING - Simple Mystic Miracles My daughter has a set of Tarot cards.... i do not know what, i should find out.... pretty ones i think
  16. cpuusage

    Disabled set up to fail benefit assessments, says former DWP officer

    Disabled set up to fail benefit assessments, says former DWP officer Disabled set up to fail benefit assessments, says former DWP officer "Vulnerable disabled people are being deliberately set up to fail disability benefit assessments, according to an ex DWP officer who now faces the same...
  17. F

    spirit occupation - John

    I have been up most the night with a spirit of a young boy who is wedged half in my chest. Is this is what is meant by spirit attachment? This is a new experience for me, is there a set approach to handling this? I have no other warning signs of my psychoses so i am inclined to think that John...
  18. F

    Grandmother’s little helper – a new drug problem emerges

    In the early 1960s, a benzodiazepine called Valium became the first drug to enter the mass market to treat anxiety. It took decades of overprescribing “mother’s little helper” before doctors finally acknowledged that the drug was highly addictive. Twenty years later, a group of pain-killing...
  19. N

    Meal Outing This evening

    Hi all, I'm well, very well, currently, I shall be externally offline, for a time this evening, as parents and I will be going out for ameal. we're going to a restaurant not too far, from us in a neighbouring Town. We have used their services and menu loads of times before, and I like it...
  20. P

    Pan is everywhere.

    They call pan bread in some countries. Pan sustains life in that country, he's their bread. In some places pan is everywhere, like a pandemic, pan-am. Pan is all over the place according to these folks, he is everywhere. In other places he is a useful tool. I cook in a pan. Pan is a useful...