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  1. W

    I need help and answers. My condition is effecting me. I need input

    Where do I begin. I will begin by saying that posting this is a big thing for me to do, given that I tend to be narcissistic. That being said, I will begin. Last year I saw a psychiatrist because my parents believed me to be depressed and angry. During my sessions, my psychiatrist prescribed...
  2. H

    Depression, Antidepressants

    I’ve not been on here for a while, I struggle with depression, anxiety and PTSD, I’ve battled with suicidal thoughts and self harming in recent months. I started antidepressants but suffered with the associated nausea, I stuck with them as long as possible and then stopped. It seemed to get me...
  3. T


    Hey there I am a 28yo male that has struggled with severe depression and anxiety for 10 years. I have been on a handful of medications and have had 8 sessions of ECT. Looking to chat with caring and like minded people. Thanks in advance. G :)
  4. T

    Anxiety and Depression

    Hey I’m a 28 yo male who has suffered from severe anxiety and depression for about 10 years. I have been on a huge range of drugs and had 8 sessions of ECT.... looking to chat with like minded people that have had similar issues. Thank you in advance.... G
  5. S

    Depressed for 50 years - Dysthymia?

    Heard a radio phone in this morning that was about the success of anti depressants and that got me thinking to google about my state of last 50 years ie most of my thinking life. One of the terms I came across was Dysthymia which I'd never heard of before. When I read about it it seemed to fit...
  6. H

    CBT, can I talk about anything?

    I recently started CBT and know that a part is that during sessions I discuss my homework with therapist and plan stuff to attempt for next time. But during the actual sessions sometimes I just want to get off my chest stuff I've had bottled up for years and get out how I'm feeling. I'm not...
  7. D

    Over thinking

    Does anyone have a therapist? I've been referred to a new one after quite a few failed attempts at help and I'm freaking out. What will the place be like? Who will they be? Will it be like the other times. Will they help me or judge me. I can't do group therapy sessions as I'm to awkward and...
  8. D

    Hi everybody

    Hi everybody, Long time lurker, first time poster. Suffer from depression, anxiety and self harm. Only admitted the depression and anxiety it to GP about 4 months ago. Have self harmed for many many years and have managed to keep that a secret. Have started sessions with a counsellor to work...
  9. P

    Do you exercise?

    Me, yep, everyday. I go on long walks with my dad and cycle. I also play tennis with my mum and go bowling. I sometimes do aqua exercise and soon im going to do bootcamp sessions in my local sports center. 100% sporty, lol. How active are you guys?
  10. Poppy2014

    Termination phase of therapy

    Hi, wanted to keep this separate from my main posts as its general advice I'm looking for. I'm having Cognitive analytical therapy for BPD which has in the main been really good, it is supposed to be 16-24 sessions for BPD but I will have had 48 sessions which is not unheard of but rare. We are...
  11. G

    Recovery from Schizophrenia

    Training in Effective Therapy for Psychosis Should Be Widely Available Not too dear for what it could achieve. Still would be better if it was free though. Still cheaper than most CBT sessions with a therapist outside of the NHS.
  12. P

    Things aren't getting better.. over dosing thoughts

    So things seem to be getting worse. I received a letter yesterday to say the cmht won't be accepting my referral from my therapist as they think I should continue with the 4 more sessions of counselling and then 'intensive cbt'. I am gutted. At first I didn't want to be referred but then I...
  13. S

    I need to my tell my frustrations I feel with my therapist.

    I didn't know where to post this but it has really gotten to me. I saw my first therapist a few years ago and I felt I was on my way to recovery and my then therapist agreed and sent me on my way. However events had transpired and I was spiralling back into depression and anxiety and went to...
  14. A


    I've been bumped to the top of the DBT waiting list after last weekend's events, I start 5th February instead of 3-6 months like usual. There's always a silver lining! Is anyone doing DBT? How are you finding it? I know the basics as I've already done emotional coping skills twice. How hard is...
  15. G

    Mental health news this week

    Model Yasmin Le Bon has revealed she suffered a breakdown while trying to juggle her career and motherhood. The 51-year-old who has three daughters with Duran Duran star Simon Le Bon , admitted she would hide in the bathroom and cry from the strain - Supermodel Yasmin Le Bon reveals she suffered...
  16. G

    Mental health news this week

    Mentally ill patients who dial 999 in the West Midlands are being taken to A & E instead of getting psychological support, a mental health specialist has said. Read more at - http://www.expressandstar.com/news/health/2016/10/08/999-callers-failed-over-mental-health/ Police are hunting thugs...
  17. S

    Bulimia help

    I'm currently having high intensity cbt therapy for anxiety but because I didn't disclose about my bulimia until I had already had a couple of sessions they won't refer me for help until after I have finished all the sessions anyone else had the same sort of thing I 1st started its the bulimic...
  18. S

    Bulimia and anxiety

    Hi I been struggling with bulimia for 11 years now only recently started high intensity cbt for anxiety but didn't disclose the bulimia until already started the cbt so now not allowed to see anyone about that until after I have finished the sessions and still have a fair few sessions left I...
  19. A

    Borderline Personality Disorder and DBT

    I've recently been diagnosed with BPD (amongst other things) and I know that DBT is the recommended treatment for this. I was wondering whether anyone else has or is doing DBT? How long did you do it for? Did it help? Did you do one-to-one, and/or group sessions? DBT isn't available to me in my...
  20. J


    Hi all, I have arranged to see an acupuncturist regarding my depression and anxiety, has anyone else tried it, and if so how many sessions did you have, and did you gain any benefit from it? Thanks Jono