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  1. N

    Seriousness of Schizoaffective Disorder / Schizophrenia determines what level of support you get in the community?

    Seriousness of Schizoaffective Disorder / Schizophrenia determines what level of support you get in the community? I would like to know what level of support you get in the community if you have a diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder or Schizophrenia because I have heard stories about the...
  2. cpuusage

    New GLOBAL Initiative for Spiritual Emergency Support

    https://groffoundation.org/global-spiritual-emergency-support/ Dear Friends: This was Christina Grof’s vision: a global network of support for people experiencing spiritual crisis—providing compassionate care and referrals, and affording everyone the opportunity to heal and transform in safe...
  3. F

    'I felt like an animal in a feeding zoo': how eating disorders are treated in England

    'I felt like an animal in a feeding zoo': how eating disorders are treated in England When Ruth Parker, 20, from Leeds, first sought treatment for an eating disorder, instead of being offered support she was – perversely – left thinking that she was too big to be anorexic. After being...
  4. G

    Mental health news this week

    Britain’s top psychiatrist has challenged the Government to ring-fence spending for a comprehensive set of new waiting times targets that experts believe could finally achieve equality for mental health patients in the NHS. Professor Sir Simon Wessely, president of the Royal College of...
  5. C

    child services involved because of my brake down

    Does any one els have any experience of Cmht and how it effects your children. I've been in a hellish nightmare for over two years. Miscarried twins in 2014 and nearly died with complications which were prolonged and traumatic. My partner left midway threw the ordeal which lead me to be...
  6. M


    Do you find they leave you alone without proper help?
  7. A

    Gave In

    It's been 4 months since I last self harmed and I couldn't hold off any longer. I really want to do more and more too. I've been feeling so low for a few weeks ever since my meds have been stopped. They were done gradually as pdoc wanted me off meds. I've not been sleeping and what I really...
  8. E

    Just thought I would pop in for scheduled service .....

    It beggar's the imagination what new wares you have to sell.
  9. Tired Daisy

    Is anybody else still on DLA

    Ok to cut it a long story short, time is closing in on me, I'm still on DLA and I'm getting really worried for the DLA change over to PIP. I have been told that on September 2017 DLA will end, thats not long and I have no help what so ever I can't get an advocate as there is a waiting list and...
  10. Tired Daisy

    Land line for 5.10 a month

    Hi I get Virgin Internet which is via cable "not phone line" but thats it, no other services from them. I do need a landline but they wanted to charge me to much for both which I can't afford. I was on looking on the web and found that BT basic are offering a cheap land line for people on...
  11. Sugarplum

    I can't take any more

    Today one of my big supports said that they were leaving today. Another big support has been my doctor who is leaving next month. I feel completely on my own and my really bad thoughts are back again. I don't have the strength to cope with mental health services. I know that I sound pathetic...
  12. S

    Well, this is awkward....

    Evening. Not much on for social interaction so forgive me stuttering along, but it was recommended that I try reaching out some tendrils into the world and, after browsing around a bit, you nice people seem lovely and unthreatening, and I suppose it's just general courtesy to introduce myself...
  13. cpuusage

    The health crisis of mental health stigma

    http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2816%2900687-5/fulltext Many people with mental illness experience shame, ostracism, and marginalisation due to their diagnosis, and often describe the consequences of mental health stigma as worse than those of the condition...
  14. G

    Mental health news this week

    A man who killed his 81-year-old mother and attacked his sister the day he was granted permission to leave a mental health facility in Lewisham (London) has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and GBH. Gilbert Corette, 44, of Manor Avenue, Brockley, admitted killing his mother Florise and causing the...
  15. C

    Health board and mental health services

    I've been discharged from mental health services although not free. I'm on police databases as a mental health patient and despite my discharge letter get sent to a psychiatric hospital with distress that is caused by the mental health services and health board and now my GP. I've had my...
  16. Tiglit


    There is nothing for me to do where I live. Nothing in the daytime. The college says I have to pay in full as I am in the support group of esa. I never complete a term of lessons anyway. The Saturday pottery/craft/art classes last the entire day and cost over thirty pounds. I don't get...
  17. F

    Woman Wins Mental Health Misdiagnosis Payout

    An NHS trust in Hertfordshire has been found to have mis-diagnosed a patient with schizophrenia and gave her medication she didn't need for many years. The side effects from that were so bad the patient couldn't work. The female patient was eventually taken off the drugs more than a decade...
  18. cpuusage

    ‘Social workers must fight for service user rights and the profession’s soul’

    ‘Social workers must fight for service user rights and the profession’s soul’ Alliances between practitioners, service users and carers offer the best challenge to damaging policies, writes Peter Beresford ?Social workers must fight for service user rights and the profession?s soul? |...
  19. F

    Does integrated care work for substance use and schizophrenia?

    skipped a lot to get to conclusion. http://www.nationalelfservice.net/mental-health/substance-misuse/does-integrated-care-work-for-substance-use-and-schizophrenia/