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  1. Not_Crazy_Yet

    How much do you cost the system?

    I looked up some prices of meds, factored in my rent, food stamps, and an approximation of MH services. For services I wasn't sure exactly. Before they got my proof of income they sent me a bill for almost $500 for 2 therapy sessions. So I have on my current care team a doctor, therapist, nurse...
  2. E


    Hello all, i am new to the forum so please forgive me if I make a mistake. I am looking for some advice regarding accessing services. I am nearly 4 months pregnant and my mental health has been getting worse since being pregnant but it has always been sketchy. I am single as my partner of 6...
  3. F

    Introduce mandatory training in autism for all NHS mental health services.

    Introduce mandatory training in autism for all NHS mental health services. Introduce mandatory training in autism for all NHS mental health services. - Petitions Please sign and pass on to people you know.
  4. I-am-nothing

    Scared im not going to see the new year in .

    I have been thinking this is it and I want to end my life before the new year is in ,the health service have left me to cope for 15 yrs with little or no help, my adult children have distanced themselves from me as they cant cope and dont understand what it is like , i am housebound and a...
  5. N

    Have you ever been offered a social services support pakcage

    Do you think you would need a lot of support needs to be offered a social services support package or supported accommodation? Have you been offered support from social services or are you left without no support but need it? Do you get direct payments. Do you think having a support package...
  6. N

    I was honest with my CPN. Am I manipulative?

    I said as soon as my benefits are safe and I'm awarded PIP and put in the support group again I'm disengaging from all services. I feel like I have wasted 7 years of my life under mental health services and 11 involuntary hospital admissions I just want my life to be the way it was. I'm sick off...
  7. G

    How to deal with hyper and agitated behaviour I just cant control?

    Hello, I'm not sure if I have a mental illness as ive never been stuck with one diagnosis. I 21, I have been in mental health services since 15, diagnosed with psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, eating disorders, bipolar etc. I have been doing well for years but just been discharged from...
  8. S

    MH Services Where You Live

    *wasn't sure where to post this* I'm just curious what MH services are like where you live.I read many posts and I don't really understand some of the terms used or why getting help is hard for some. Where I live,in the US,if I want to seek mental health services I just pick up the phone and...
  9. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Life Coach

    I have got an appointment with a Life Coach, who is part of the ASD service around where I live :) I have been very fortunate to get it, cos it's come ahead of the approximate three-month waiting list. I'm not sure exactly what the service does and has to offer, but I think it's going to be...
  10. shaky

    Autumn is Here :(

    It is now the Autumn (in the northern hemisphere, where I live) and this is always a bad time for me. his is the time I often end up being picked up by the police or visited by the crisis team I am getting unstable. I can feel it. But I have no support. I have no CPN visiting. My next contact...
  11. R


    Hi everyone I'm Rishin, Thought I'd pop in and introduce myself. I’m a user of mental health services and have experienced mental health problems since my teens, mainly depression. However in my 30s I started to experience paranoia, and auditory and visual hallucinations which brought along a...
  12. RainbowAngel

    Tip-Toes ... Hello...

    Hello, just joined. RainbowAngel from the UK. Feel extremely let down by my local mental health services right now. :(
  13. D

    Hi from Massachusetts US.

    Hi, My name is Don and I have ADD. Is there discussion of learning disability here? I have worked in human services for 40 years and have seen dramatic change. I have also seen many negative attitudes persist.
  14. Kerome

    Early Intervention Service and Psychosis video

    I came across this online, it's a video made about the Early Intervention Service and how people who experience psychosis interact with it.
  15. N

    Pension fund and suicide??

    Bit of a random question - if you work for a council and pay into a pension fund, would you get a payout if you committed suicide? On paper, you get a Death In Service benefit of three times your salary but I believe that part of it is provided by an insurer rather than the pension provider...
  16. A

    Being forced to take medication?

    I'm on aripiprazole and mirtazipine for BPD, complex PTSD and an eating disorder. Back in January i stopped taking my medication, CMHT went mental because i went into a bit of a crisis and got social services involved with me and my kids. Turns out social services helped me a lot with different...
  17. B

    Oxleas service help please!

    I have a telephone assessment from oxleas today and I'm neverous. Anyone have any experience? It's my local NHS mental Heath service thank you x
  18. I

    Free London Event With Joanna Moncrieff 12th May

    Please come if you can make it. Share around Hosted by our 'service user' made activist group: (F.E.E.L) Friends of East London Loonies F.E.E.L.Friends of East End Loonies
  19. B

    Mind mental health service help

    Hi I had my telephone assessment today and after forty minutes on the phone the woman told me they couldn't help. As soon as I told her I've noticed I've had symptoms of mania She said she will have to consult her supervisor because they only provide therapy not diagnosis (I get that) but she...
  20. confusedwanderwaffle

    I need an answer, today, in this post. I've had enough.

    This could be a long post because I'm not sure where I SHOULD begin or how much information I should give to make sure people reading understand my situation: I'll start out by saying though that the "answer" I need, the one to which I'm referring to in the title of my post, is why despite...