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  1. J

    Here to help

    Hi, my name is Joe, I've had mental illness for about 20 years now. Worked full time with mental illness for about 15 of those 20 years. Been retired on full time disability for about 3 years now. Still working on stabilizing my life and taking on responsibilities but for the most part am stable...
  2. Artmuzz

    PIP Tribunal rehearing

    I got myself a solicitor to help me with advice concerning an unfair PIP tribunal I went to a few months ago. The tribunal failed my appeal and I demanded a statement of reason and a copy of the audio recording. However, they sent me the written statement of reason but failed to send me the...
  3. FadeToBlack

    Hello I am new here too!

    Hi, I am a Schizophrenic, and don't have people I can talk too freely. I heard about this site and I hope to be able to get support and help others too if need be. I no longer see the mental health services, so this site may prove to be a bit of a life-line as I am all alone with this now.
  4. C

    An easy and free way to Find Mental Health services.

    Hi all, to ensure that you can find the right help or service you need quickly i have created a list/ search engine of all the mental health services in Northern Ireland. They can be found here: [ moderated ] I hope this helps someone :-)
  5. M

    Supporting my son

    Hello again! I know I have already posted once this morning in regards of my friend but this post is about my son. My son is 15, he's transgender (female to male). In short the past few years have been tough for him. He spent some time living with his dad, this broke down and certain services...
  6. R

    close mental health services down completely

    the only people mental health services have contact with are people who themselves say they don't want it, the police could do a better job without all that hypocritical talk about caring in my entire life as a lunatic, a long time, i've never known much useful help, usually it's consisted of...
  7. S

    Am I being selfish

    I was watching BBC News interenet report involving a mum and her young daughter's mental health problems and although I could sympathise about it it made me think of when mental health problems reach adulthood. My daughter at 14 was diagnosed with anorexia by 17 her problems were over now she...
  8. Fairy Lucretia

    read some reviews about my CMHT online

    and they were really bad! people spoke about how badly they were treated ,palmed off ,ignored ,pushed from service to service and left to get on with it alone staff are rude and uncaring-yes i totally agree! x i feel bad for these people but at least it isn't just me x
  9. 1


    things are on the down again after being settled for over 2 months, my consultant is "impressed" with me and my CPN feels like im finally beating these diagnoses. but today im doubting it ... so after a month of waiting and planning ive been prescribed medication again. basically been off meds...
  10. shaky

    The Power Threat Meaning Framework

    This has probably been posted beofre, but it is interesitng Some British psychologists and mental illnesss survivors have come up with a new way of lookng at mental distress or illness. It's just a reseach tool at the moment, it isn't used in any practical way yet, but it looks very interesting...
  11. A


    Why do I crave attention, especially from emergency services? I don't understand what is going on.
  12. T

    Getting MH staff better at hearing emotional pain

    I think this is important, when people are suicidal they can have all sorts of responses from services. Some help you feel like you've been heard, and some, frankly, don't. Some of this has come out recently in an article in 'Crisis' journal called 'Hearing the Suicidal Patient's Emotional...
  13. S

    What to do next.

    I just need some advice on if there's anything more I can do to get the help I need. I've been depressed for quite some time now, it's been an on-and-off problem for years. It got much worse in the last half of 2017, and so far this year has been unbearable. Things have happened that made it...
  14. W

    Failed by the mental health services

    Hi everyone, it's my first time posting so please bear with me. After having my son eight months ago, I found myself completely lost in depression. I ended up being admitted into hospital on boxing day last year, I was then discharged but re-admitted in February. Both times that I was admitted...
  15. B

    Where to turn??

    Hi I am at a loss as to where I am supposed to turn for much needed support. My GP has given up, tried everything, doesn't know what to do. I was discharged from the mental health team about a year ago on the same day I was discharged from CRHT whilst still in crisis....not high enough need...
  16. N

    I hate two faced people.

    I attend a day centre. There is a member of staff who is really bitchy. This is a small NHS day centre and it separate from any other NHS service in town meaning the staff are really close and all friends because they've work with each other all day so there is a lot of banter between themselves...
  17. R

    gp has mobile no

    strictly speaking i'm all for my gp having my mobile no, unfortunately they have nowadays a file sharing agreement with social services and despite social workers in the past claiming they've got my best interests at heart rationing services is not having peoples best interests at heart i see a...
  18. N

    Disengaging from services.

    I have just received all my medical notes from Notts NHS trust especially RIO notes which is for my care team can communicate with each other, these log all my involvement and interactions with them. I.e. community nurse (cpn) day center and social worker. It seems they write everything down...
  19. khardwick

    The Impact of Using a Service

    Hi all and thanks in advance to all who contribute. I am currently doing my management degree and I am on here, purely for research purposes and personal interests. I would like to know if anybody felt that using a service that 'specialises' in mental health, what impact did the service have...
  20. R

    homeless place

    i’m going to the homeless place, some women phoned, she’s going to get me a mentor befriender, i’m not sure i want services, never seen anyone who receives services get better, but guess better is a pipe dream then theres the stigma, those mentally ill ex cons who said they weren’t mentally ill...