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service users

  1. G

    Mental health news this week

    National Survivor User Network (NSUN) Bulletin - Monday 5 November 2018 - https://www.nsun.org.uk/Handlers/Download.ashx?IDMF=effb3106-fb6d-4b87-94df-a7911acd93dc National Survivor User Network (NSUN) Bulletin - Monday 12 November 2018 -...
  2. C

    User Name Corbie

    Hi I am (user name) Corbie. I have for several years been trying to understand and function with complex issues originating with long term emotional abuse, bullying, dissociation. Eating disorder. Depression. Trust Issues. Dissociative anger. Emotional distancing. The dissociation makes...
  3. F

    Just had a bashing by a user. Feeling a bit upset.

    I have just had a bashing by a user and I am feeling a bit upset. Typing this and being on here makes me feel like I am not alone with it. It comes to something when I have been bashed for staying at home to apply for jobs, when I haven't got a job. The user wanted me to visit them in...
  4. P

    Hello, there!

    Hello, psychie21 is a new user to the forum!!
  5. Solitude1


    I feel like a hollow, not that there is a cavity inside me, it's so huge that it's occupied me. I'm the hollow. I'm starting to hate myself for posting a lot here and annoying these forum users.
  6. I

    Free London Event With Joanna Moncrieff 12th May

    Please come if you can make it. Share around Hosted by our 'service user' made activist group: (F.E.E.L) Friends of East London Loonies F.E.E.L.Friends of East End Loonies
  7. F

    Cannabis users 'more likely to have a heart attack'

    Cannabis users ‘more likely to have a heart attack’
  8. cpuusage

    Antipsychotic Users Discuss Limitations of Drugs in New Study

    Antipsychotic Users Discuss Limitations of Drugs in New Study
  9. F

    How we could make cannabis safer for users

    How we could make cannabis safer for users
  10. E

    Early Intervention Service User Guide

    Hi all. If you're already a service user or have been in the past with the EIS, were you given a user guide and welcome pack when you were first referred? I'm asking primarily those in the UK but anyone may answer
  11. G

    Here is mental health news for last week

    A man who strangled his partner has been given an indefinite hospital order. The body of 23-year-old Andrea Carr was found in December 2014 at the Birmingham home she shared with her boyfriend, Ozekell Empire. Empire, 31, was initially arrested on suspicion of murder and subsequently sectioned...
  12. sahasrara


    So I'm a cannabis user, have been on an off for 10 years, Im at a loss on how to stop. I've stopped plenty of times in the past but now I can't . I have a partner, he is also a user. I want to blame him but it's me that's weak, I give into his weakness. I see him become the anxiety riddled mess...
  13. B

    new user name.

    I really want to change my user name,it's not my real name but i don't like it.One of my school teachers used to call me clive when she was hitting me for not getting my sums right.It was the first name that came into my head when i signed in.I would like to pick a nice name like some of you...
  14. F

    Service User Involvement in the delivery of mental health services

  15. B

    *Possible trigger warning* Drug use and relapsing

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for my following questions but it's worth a shot anyway. I'm a recovering hard drug user and relapsed after six months of being clean at the weekend because I was offered them for free and was feeling anxious in a new social setting. I used to use alone...
  16. Komedian

    I keep messaging this guy but he's ignoring me.

    So there's this guy on a forum who I think is another user that I used to get into frequent arguments with. This user said he left the site (we'll call him A), but I think the guy I've been messaging is him (we'll call this guy B). I've sent B dozens of messages on different accounts but he wont...
  17. M


    Hi there haven't been on in a while hope everyone is well so I finally got my diagnosis yesterday after 3 long years of waiting and Iam bipolar not sure how to feel about this I did cry a lot. They want me to go on to Carbamazepine but want to no if there was any users of it and wether they can...
  18. Y

    *Dr Nick voice* Hi everybody!

    Hey, So I'm 18 and a university student which is fun. I've basically signed up here to get some moral support before I go and attempt to convince my university doctor to listen to me mental health wise. Oh and yes my user name is a Fall Out Boy reference - I had the song stuck in my head...
  19. F

    Damn anxiety

    Going with Thursday group for a pre Christmas bite to eat tomorrow . Really anxious about it . That i'm going to make a fool of myself/do something embarrassing . The stupid thing is the other service users and staff who'll be there are non threatening and not likely to mock any faux pas and...
  20. F

    A final common pathway to hearing voices: examining differences and similarities in clinical and non-clinical individuals

    A final common pathway to hearing voices: examining differences and similarities in clinical and non-clinical individuals An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie Despite link title link does work.